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«At least 7,021» means «seven thousand and two hundred and one»?

This is my understanding:

1) With «at least» you say: ‘I don’t know, but I can say that I have…’
2) This is what I want to say: «I can say that I have at least 7,021

This sentence may be correct:

«Please give me at least 7,021 today.»

But what is the difference between

1) and 2)?
Is the number 7,021 the «exact» or only one of them?


I assume you mean «seven thousand and two hundred and one» and not «seven thousand and two thousand and one».
The better reading in 1) is that you are saying:

I don’t know how many I have but I’ll tell you that I have at least 7,021 of some particular item.

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That would translate into roughly 1.05 million vehicles a year.

Investors took notice, with Renault’s shares climbing 1.7 percent in anticipation of the announcement.

Today, the company said that «its global plan is to reach 10 percent market share by 2022.»

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Renault said the production boost will be based largely on its four partner factories and its French plants, including Boulogne-Billancourt, Dieppe, Dijon, and Nice. The company said work on two new factories in Europe, both in Slovakia, will begin soon.

Renault also said it intends to add 1,000 new jobs to the company’s total of 27,600 employees by the end of 2021.

A clear focus

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