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The ASP.NET Version Switcher application was developed to be small utility that can be used to quickly switch the .NET Framework version that the ASPX pages are compiled against. This is helpful for developers who often have to test their web applications for compatibility with different version of the .NET Framework. Internally, it uses the command line tool called ASPNET_REGIIS that is included in the Microsoft.NET Framework.







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This project is an ASP.NET version switcher utility for.NET Framework 3.5. This tool is an ASP.NET version switcher utility for.NET Framework 3.5, which shows you the specific version of.NET Framework that is required to run ASP.NET Version Switcher. You can select different.NET Framework versions in the drop down box using version numbers and press the Download button to download the XML file that contains the frameworks. — The XML file contains the list of supported versions of the.NET Framework. The installation URL to download the latest version of the XML file is The Visual Studio Version Switcher is an extremely useful tool for software development. It lets you easily switch between your different Visual Studio projects and swap out the Version System Helper. The project download includes: — Sample Solution The nuget package includes a sample solution of the VS Version Switcher. JavaScript Version Switcher is a Windows Forms application that allows you to easily switch between the JavaScript version that is used in your browser. This tool is a free, easy-to-use project that can be downloaded and used for FREE. This project includes: — Installer package — Visual Studio Solution — Live example — Project documentation At the Code Project we are always looking for new and better tools for software development and project maintenance. Recently we found an interesting project called «FPE Version Switcher» which may become an interesting tool if it is developed and supports several editions of Microsoft.NET Framework. Microsoft.NET Framework packages for Novell have been available for.NET Framework since 2.0. Microsoft.NET Framework is a well known and widely used framework for applications development. In this article I will show how to modify the sources of the FPE Version Switcher to make it support several.NET Framework editions. As mentioned in the project description, the application can be downloaded and used for FREE. This article will show you how to use «FPE Version Switcher» or «FPE.NET Framework Version Switcher» utility to switch.NET Framework version of any projects you want. The article will also show how to add support for more versions of.NET Framework. .NET Framework supports many different versions, from.NET Framework 1.0 to the latest version.NET Framework 4.6.6. If you have.NET Framework 3.5 installed then you can

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This is a small utility that is used to switch the version of the.NET Framework that ASPX pages that have been built to target. The ASP.NET Version Switcher can be downloaded to your Windows PC and will be installed in the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ directory. It should be uninstalled in the same directory before uninstalling the Microsoft.NET Framework. NOTE: The ASP.NET Version Switcher does not switch versions on servers. It can only be run on your PC and must be uninstalled after each test to avoid interference with Microsoft.NET Framework installation procedures. When the Microsoft.NET Framework is installed in the GAC, the [AssemblyVersion] and [AssemblyFileVersion] attributes of all assemblies that target the installed version of the Microsoft.NET Framework are modified to reflect the installed version. This means that all ASPX pages and server controls that target the same installed version of the Microsoft.NET Framework will be compiled with the same version of the.NET Framework. This allows the same ASPX pages and controls to be used in multiple ASP.NET versions without recompilation. ASP.NET Version Switcher Features: This application has the following features: * Switch between several versions of the.NET Framework * Can be run directly on your PC * Will be installed in the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ directory * After installation, the application should be uninstalled from your PC * Can be run in a standalone mode How to Use the ASP.NET Version Switcher Application: The application can be used in two ways: 1) Single Instance Mode: When you first run the application it will prompt you to choose which version of the.NET Framework you wish to target. After you choose the.NET Framework version, it will prompt you to select a folder on your PC where you want the application to be installed. As soon as you select the folder the application will be installed in. 2) Multiple Instance Mode: This mode allows you to run the application from a file. Simply place the file in the same directory as the application that you wish to run and when you run the application it will open a web browser window that will allow you to switch the version of the.NET Framework that the application that has been run is targeting. To switch versions of the.NET Framework, select the application that is open in the web browser and then click on the arrow next to the Version drop- 2f7fe94e24

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ASP.NET Version Switcher is a command line utility that can be used to quickly switch the.NET Framework version that the ASPX pages are compiled against. The fastest way to switch the Framework version is to use the /version: switch. This command will recompile your ASPX pages against the specified version of the.NET Framework. ASP.NET Version Switcher Options: ASP.NET Version Switcher does not have any options and requires no setup. The Version Switcher utility can be run from the command prompt as follows: “c:\aspswitcher>aspnet_regiis.exe -version:3.5 /f ” Where c:\aspswitcher is the location of the Version Switcher Utility. Note: The version number is a version number as specified by the dotNetCLR version, for example: 3.5 or 2.0 Error Codes: ERROR_UNEXPECTED_ELEMENT_XML is thrown when the XML being parsed does not match the specified schema. This can happen if the settings file is not valid XML or if the settings file is malformed. ERROR_INSTANTIATED is thrown if the application is already configured to use a specific version of the.NET Framework. This happens when the ASPX pages are compiled against a different version of the.NET Framework and the RuntimeTypeAuthorizer is set to allow the.NET Framework version that was used to compile the ASPX pages. If you specify a wrong Framework Version and do not enable the RuntimeTypeAuthorizer, you can get the following error: “The value “4.5” is not valid for version. ERROR_INVALID_VERSION_NUMBER is thrown if you specify an invalid version number. ERROR_NO_INSTANCE_EXISTS is thrown if the specified version is not available. ERROR_ARGUMENT_BAD is thrown when the input path does not contain a settings file. ERROR_XML_FILE_NOT_FOUND is thrown when the specified settings file is not found. Using the Error Output Display (see next section) you can list the detailed error messages and more importantly, the line number where the error occurred. This is very useful for locating errors in the settings file, the application code, or anywhere else in the XML document. Using the Error Output Display: The ASP.NET Version Sw

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The ASP.NET Version Switcher application starts with the user first selecting a framework version. This is done using an ASP.NET filter on the application’s.aspx pages. The Framework version that is selected by the user will be stored in the User’s Session and is persisted across multiple user’s sessions. The application will then switch to the specified framework version by recomputing the ASPX files and recompiling the application on the target server. Using the switchForVersion Method The versionSwitch() method is the main method that will be called by the ASP.NET Version Switcher application. When the user selects a new framework version, the versionSwitch() method will be called to perform the version change on the application. The versionSwitch() method does a few things: Compile the application pages to the specified version of.NET Framework Remove the framework version filter from the application, this is needed because the user is going to have to compile the pages themselves Some problems exist that could interfere with the ASP.NET Version Switcher application including: Running ASP.NET Version Switcher with an ASP.NET Web Application When ASP.NET Version Switcher is installed on a web application, ASP.NET Version Switcher will be started with the application after the application is first compiled and deployed to IIS. If the application had a custom web.config file, and the user made changes to the web.config file during the installation process, then this will need to be removed from the web.config file before the application is run. Because of this requirement, and the desire to provide a single.NET Framework version switch method, ASP.NET Version Switcher was designed to be a command line tool that can be run outside of the application’s compiled deployment folder. Update Applications that use the versionSwitcher.cmd File If you are using a version of ASP.NET Version Switcher that is shipped with the.NET Framework 2.0 (or later), then you will also have to make sure you have a version of the application that is designed to run on the target.NET Framework version. For example, if a user had version 2.0 of the versionSwitcher.cmd tool installed and had version 1.1 of the application installed that they wanted to switch to the.NET Framework version 2.0, then they would have to make sure that when

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