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Privacy is not considered a right anymore, as many popular apps keep your browsing information and use it to create a user profile for different purposes, but mainly for spamming ads related to what you recently browsed. If you are tired of this and want to boost your privacy, you can try the SearchLock extension. Add it to chrome and use it. Being a Chrome extension, you need to open it to Google Chrome only; other browsers are not supported. Simply add it to Chrome, and it takes instant effect. Also, after it's added, you can notice a golden padlock in the extension tab. The extension starts doing its job right away; the golden padlock marks all protected searches. The icon replaces the Chrome standard display and lets you know that your navigation is secured. Keep your searches private Most search engines track your searches in such a way that a profile is created and sold to advertising companies to push items that you may have searched or bought. SearchLock blocks the connection between you and companies who intend to track you this way. It detects when your search queries are headed towards a search engine that will follow you, then intercepts and redirects your query to SearchLock's privacy-enhanced search results page before you are tracked. Doesn't use cookies Most engines use tracking cookies while you browse in order to follow you around and profile you based on your search behavior. SearchLock does not. Handy and secure extension To sum it up, SearchLock is a smart tool that helps you simplify your browsing activity by blocking advertisers from following your activity and spaming you with ads, and it also boosts your privacy. You can simply add it to Chrome and instantly use it. It does not have options or settings so it can be used by anybody no matter the technical skills







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The SearchLock extension is designed to block ads and spammers by censoring unwanted searches from built-in search engines and proxy sites. Spam is the most invasive threat to privacy and the free distribution of private information. SearchLock aims to provide the safest browsing environment for users by blocking unwanted trackers and advertisers. It works by performing certain actions on certain requests. If some search engine/proxy site sends a request to Google, SearchLock forces it to go to a page containing detailed information about the harmful consequences of sending such requests.Outpatient delay and patient characteristics in patients with atypical facial pain: An exploratory study. Delayed diagnosis and treatment of patients with atypical facial pain (AFP) can lead to irreversible neurophysiological changes, emotional problems, and worse functional outcomes. Our study aimed to describe the use of healthcare services among patients with AFP, and to identify patient characteristics associated with a longer outpatient delay. We performed a retrospective cohort study of adults with AFP, identified in the Quebec Health Insurance Plan database. Patients with complete clinical data and 1-year follow-up were included (n = 1466). Outpatient delay was defined as the interval from symptom onset until the first medical visit and was categorized into 0-1 month, 2-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months and ≥10 months. Multivariable logistic regression analyses were performed to determine patient characteristics associated with outpatient delay (≥4 months). The majority of patients had AFP for 3 months or longer (median 5 months). Sixty percent of patients with AFP waited 4 or more months for medical care. Independent of age, sex, psychiatric comorbidities, use of analgesics and facial injections, patients with AFP treated by a dermatologist waited longer for medical care (OR = 2.29 [95%CI 1.55-3.40]) and were less likely to wait 7-9 months (OR = 0.42 [95%CI 0.25-0.71]) or ≥10 months (OR = 0.59 [95%CI 0.32-1.09]) compared to those treated by a medical specialist. Patients with AFP commonly reported mental distress and anxiety, and more than half received an analgesic. Patients with AFP had low rates of analgesic intake, and longer outpatient delay. Patients seen by dermatologists were less likely to wait 7-9 months or ≥10 months for medical care compared to patients seen by other specialists. Future research should focus on better identification of AFP 2f7fe94e24

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SearchLock is an extension that makes online searches more private and allows you to boost your privacy on Google and Yahoo search results. It doesn’t use cookies, and it also doesn’t change your default settings, therefore it is suitable for all users. SearchLock Screenshot: 5G E Google’s global field trials for 5G wireless networks are moving into a new phase, involving the deployment of 4G LTE services and devices in 5G «lab» environments. Google has now publicly announced the start of 5G research in four cities, with an aim to then spread the whole of the Google Fiber network to a few more areas. At launch, the deployment is in two test regions, Tokyo and Austin, Texas, with plans to expand to Tokyo’s 3.8 square kilometre Ota Business District in November, and then to Austin, which covers nearly 900 square kilometres. Google plans to increase the pace of the deployment this year, according to a blog post by the company today. The company will first focus on improving upload and download speeds, particularly at large events like music festivals. 5G promises to be a faster mobile network than either 4G or LTE, with companies like Ericsson claiming it will be an order of magnitude faster than 4G. Rather than focusing on downloads and uploads, 5G is expected to be dominated by vastly faster downloads, particularly for phones, as mobile networks focus on keeping the hundreds of thousands of connected devices on demand, rather than ensuring they can all receive a steady stream of traffic. The company is targeting an eventual rollout of 5G across 17 cities in the US, including New York, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle, with a focus on 10 medium sized cities. Initial areas are expected to be densely populated with dozens or hundreds of 5G base stations deployed on rooftops or in parks. While it is not going to become an internet-beaming race bus overnight, 5G is expected to become available within a few years, in time for the launch of new smartphone models. The current trend in technology is for mobile devices to include the capabilities of a «smart» home, making them more like a central hub for controlling other devices. Such a hub should allow other devices to share the same data as the main device, in much the same way as smart light bulbs, thermostats and other home control devices do, rather than just providing simple lighting, temperature and volume adjustments. Nest Labs has announced

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This extension was originally developed for the 3rd season of Silicon Valley, HBO series. SearchLock creates a virtual desk where users can easily find any information related to their favorite topics: movies, tv shows, games, news, etc. The extension is installed in your browser and you can easily browse any contents online, register and search using the SearchLock search box to find and watch movies, tv shows, game, and any other related contents. SearchLock is a Google Chrome extension that lets you browse the web privately and securely without being spammed with ads. The extension has been optimized to suit your browsing needs and is compatible with most web browsers, so you will not need to change anything while using SearchLock. SearchLock works with most web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. SearchLock Features: search for movies, tv shows, games, and other contents in one search box. you can easily find movies, game, tv shows, and any other related contents. it gives you an option of switching between private or public search mode. unlike other search engines, this extension delivers all its results in private. no cookies are used while searching. search results are displayed in an easy to read format. SearchLock has been optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Privacy-friendly results. because we use cloud technology, your search results can be securely stored in our server. search and watch on our website. just add the extension and start browsing the web privately and securely. The SearchLock extension doesn’t connect your search engine with your personal information like most other search engines do. This means you do not need to make any changes to your settings or browsing habits. It also makes sure that you can enjoy a completely private web browsing experience. Browse without being tracked: This extension blocks the tracking technology that allows third party web browsers to follow you and your browsing history. In other words, they know every time you search for anything, what you have searched for. Simply press the SearchLock icon and watch the light blue padlock pop up to the left of your screen. If it is locked, then your searches are safe and you will not be tracked. Privacy-friendly Results: SearchLock does not collect your search history in your local computer. It holds the results of your searches in our secure servers and shows you the results

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or higher Processor: Intel Core2Duo E4300 or AMD Phenom X3 or better Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 DirectX: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card Hard Drive: 2 GB available space Additional Notes: Some of the features/content of Terraria require the Steam client. You will need to install Steam and connect to the internet via Steam to!/?p=29997

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