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An original fantasy action RPG from Young Horses. In the world of Elden Ring, four legendary races set in motion a large scale war. Players will meet characters and allies who become the people they aspire to be. Players will discover the story and adventure, and go on a journey to obtain grand powers. The Elden Ring is a powerful weapon, a colossal power, a sword forged by a living god. However, it cannot be wielded alone. The sword cannot be wielded unless two people bear their souls and become one, to form the sword’s edge. But the fate of the world hangs in the balance. INFORMATION System : Linux version built on the MUMPS environment (Java based). DirectX and OpenGL have been removed from the Linux version. There is no acceleration and no AA. : Windows version built on the UBSE environment (DirectX based). Linux version has been designed to run under Wine. Playable on a desktop or a tablet. Recommended for tablets with minimum specifications of: CPU : quad core Intel Core i5 — i7 Nvidia GPU : GTX960 / GeForce GT650M and Other information : Linux version : Windows version : mac OS version : network status : Developed by : Young Horses Publisher : Comments : Elden Ring is free to play, however some items can be purchased with real money. Elden Ring 0.4.3 Launching a brand-new version of Elden Ring. We are very happy to announce that the game will be released on both Android and iOS devices as of today. — New major features &* Sorting option for spells, items and exp bars. New attribute feature to show full name and level (this comes with the new ability to chat in the chat screen.) Create a new character on the start screen (important for those who are playing only for the story.)


Features Key:

  • Simplified Interface While maintaining the feature-rich game play of Graces F, players can immediately become immersed in an exhilarating fantasy adventure through the console-like interface and battle.
  • Unrivaled Battle Action Utilizing the same battle system as the PC version, a wide variety of types of characters can battle together in party co-op. You can custom-create your own character, build up your battle power, and adventure with with the top-notch 3D scenery.
  • Advanced and Beautiful Graphics Graces F: Elden Ring features advanced graphics suited to SEGA hardware that draws you closer to the game and feel of the Graces F universe. Battle graphics have also been improved to more beautifully depict the fight scenes and the huge CGs in the game’s story.
  • Enter a Vast World Full of Depth and Excitement Graces F: Elden Ring’s story takes place in the Lands Between, the borderland between the world of humans and the phantom world of the Graces. The large unexplored land features an open world free from hindrances, or dungeons, of the classic RPGs of old. Utilizing the exploration mechanics of Graces F, you can freely fight powerful enemies anywhere and discover a vast amount of action in the game.
  • Create your Own Character You can freely choose a gender, equipment, and magic types and then develop the character you designed, granting you an entirely unique experience.
  • Epic Online Play: The Online World Can Be Felt You can directly connect with other players to battle or take part in character talk and other various activities in real time.
  • Online Protection A no-fee user account, which grants you access to a variety of features in both single-player and multiplayer, is provided to protect your online environment without excessive fees.
  • Optional Voice Chat Software Included

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    【Starting Spell】 A spell that transforms you into a beast for 12 hours. 【Casting」 A spell that transforms you into a spell for 12 hours. 【Axe】 A spell that burns your hands and yells for help. 【Magic】 A spell that increases the power of your magic. 【Heart】 A spell that restores the magic energy in your body. 【Soul】 A spell that stores your magic power in a different attribute. 【Storm】 A spell that increases the power of your magic. 【Death】 A spell that increases the power of your magic. 【Soul Awakening】 A spell that allows you to use your magic power at higher levels. All spells have been updated by the community. Notice: ・Web Browser only. ・The game is downloading a massive amount of data from the web. ・Please be sure to have an internet connection and good speed. ・If data connection cannot be established or disconnected by any reason, please log in with your user name & password to continue from your last saved save. ・This game is offline, please try again after the internet connection becomes available. ・The connection of this game requires continuous connection while playing. ・The game can be played for free, but it may consume a lot of data resources. ・The game service will be limited to below the US. ・The game may not be able to be played depending on the region. ・For any questions regarding your regional server problem, please contact your content provider. 【Tips】 * Close the game window when not playing. * Don’t close the game window when playing. * Be sure to install the latest version of the game client. * Be sure to have a internet connection. * Be sure to download games from the internet regularly to ensure uninterrupted play. ●タイトル:「PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS」 ●発売日:未定 ●機種:PC ●ジャンル:Fantasy ●開発�


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■Main Features • A wonderfully vast and detailed world A vast and detailed world with main towns, iconic dungeons, various kinds of world maps, and a wide variety of places to travel that allow you to enjoy the story and get lost without the feeling of being lost. You can freely travel around the world at your own pace. ■ Bring Your Characters to Life Immerse yourself in a vividly orchestrated story described by myths, fought out between various characters in the chaotic Lands Between. Each character has their own storyline, and the action is set in places where you can meet other characters. Each narrative is written by a different author, and every character is voiced by a different voice actor. You can find an entertaining and detailed world filled with emotions.

    ◎Story Of Land and Sky A total of 30 characters, including main characters and NPCs, have been newly designed. As the protagonist (clever leader of a group) of the adventure story, the character you create will not only be unique but also need to be charming. You will get to know the atmosphere of battles carried out by the protagonist and fight against dangerous monsters or traps in the repetitive and spectacularly designed main towns. Battle changes depending on the character’s presence, while the clear story and remarkably portrayed fantasy world that is filled with emotion will bring you back to the time of myths.

    ◎Ages 5 ~ 12 Ages 5 to 12, free of charge, with a lot of beautiful animations, great voice acting, and various events that will transport you to the thrilling world of the adventure MMO RPG.

    ◎Languages The game will be released in English, German, and French. Content languages will change depending on the localization method.

    New adventurers, the move to ActionRPGs… As a Goddess of Destruction, I have a sense of justice, and using the vast world in the Lands Between, I wish to bring justice on powerful forces and be looked on by adventurers, as I fill the void left by the Gods.

    Sufferance Movie Staff

    The players will be put through this amazing action packed world filled with countless events, emotional stories and incidents in the game whose battle motifs are


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  • Turn off your antivirus and close all running applications

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    Additional Images:

    This game is one of the most excting and well made video games you will ever play in your life, you can walk on the moon, experience the greatness of magic with unfathomable spells, travel to ancient places, explore bizarre dungeons, and lots more…go and enjoy it

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    System Requirements:

    Minimum: OS: Windows 7/8/10 Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent RAM: 4 GB Graphics: ATI/AMD Radeon HD5770 or Nvidia GTX960/Nvidia GTX970/Nvidia GTX1070 or better DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 4 GB available space Additional Notes: Language(s) : English : English Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is an indie action adventure game developed by Yacht Club Games



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