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Features Key:

  • A Multilayered Story — detailed actions and events are intertwined in an elaborately woven drama
  • Epic Battles! A unique fantasy world and gameplay, where warriors use historical weapons and armor and wield magic
  • A Character that Changes and Evolves — Customize the looks of your in-game character according to your taste with a variety of hair styles, eye colors and costumes
  • A Battle System that’s Based on Historical Combat — Master the interaction between skills and elemental weapons and enjoy epic battles in this action RPG
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    Elden Ring [32|64bit] [Updated]

    «…The drama of the game is so beautiful, as the character seems to be a troubled soul and wants to overcome all of his pain…»


    «…If you are a fan of fantasy action games, definitely try this game… Adventure style action, but unlike other fantasy games that take place in fixed places, this one is set in a vast world…»


    «…Elten Ring is a great fantasy game with exciting action, excellent quests, and addictive turn-based battles… While it’s a short game, it’s still a very nice game with a good story and characters… If you’re a fan of RPGs, this is definitely a must-play game…»


    «There are a lot of Japanese RPGs but I do not know of any other such that makes a player’s heart beat so quickly with’something’ that makes you want to become the character in the story….The characters are well-drawn, sound and the world is beautiful. If you like RPG, try this game.»


    «This is an RPG with amazing graphics, with good attack animations and attacks. The presentation is great, the music fits the epic atmosphere, and the story is good too. One of the best games I have played recently!»


    «It is a light RPG with a good story, with a fun action battle system. The most impressive part of the game is its graphics and presentation. The quest is easy enough, but the world is very large, and the game system is really well-developed. If you like fantasy games, you must try this game.»


    «For a new game from such a great studio, this is a game that has been fully developed in terms of style and world. The character design is really amazing, and the player is taken to a new world in a very fun RPG-style.»


    «This game made me feel the same way that I felt playing the best Japanese RPG games. As I advanced through the story, I found a world that I


    Elden Ring Crack + Torrent [32|64bit]

    Players can acquire unique skills by mastering various melee and ranged attacks and also acquire Elden Armor and Elden Armor Unique Skills. The skills “Elden Armor” is used to increase stats or Critical rate of the attacker, “Elden Armor Unique Skills” can perform a new action, or the character can change the skills that the character uses, etc.

    Players also receive Arcane Orbs as a bonus with various stat boosts and skills, and Arcane Orbs are used to acquire Arcane Gems. This also gives the character Astral Gems, based on the essence of the player’s Astral Gem.

    Players can fuse Arcane Orbs using the merge skill, thereby increasing their level.

    Behold, the age of the formation of seven clans!

    Players can select one of seven clans, and the members in the same clan can support each other in battle.

    SYSTEM CLANS: Elite Cross-Class
    For the first time in Final Fantasy Tactics, you can combine the elements of different classes.

    FINAL FANTASY TACTICS has used the following two roles as a base for the cross-class combinations:

    A player can play in a party of a “Trooper” who can use either “Knight” or “Dragonslayer” as a class and fulfill both their characteristics as a class or A player can play in a party of “Skilled Soldier” who can use either “Knight” or “Dragonslayer” as a class and fulfill both their characteristics as a class.

    FINAL FANTASY TACTICS features cross-class combinations, and some characters in the game have two different classes.

    A “Support” Class can be selected to use items and skills that are generally needed in battle.

    A “Sniper Class” can be selected to use various unique skills that are used to attack enemies at a distance, as well as attack from behind.

    The following classes are available as “Support” or “Sniper” classes:


    Shield Fighter








    Base Classes:



    Skilled Soldier

    Support Classes:




    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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    System Requirements:

    Windows 10 64bit — Windows 10 32bit — Windows 8.1 64bit — Windows 8 64bit — Windows 7 64bit — Windows 7 32bit
    Mac OS X 10.10.4 (14F27)
    Linux 3.10.0 or later
    Minimum Java version: 1.6
    Memory (RAM): 64MB
    Hard Disk Space: 100MB
    Minimum Resolution: 1024×768
    High-Resolution graphic card
    The updated system requirements for the game are as follows:
    Windows 10 — 64bit



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