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Name Elden Ring
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For the first time ever, the fantastical heroes of the Gods Among Us trilogy join forces in an action-packed RPG filled with quest-based battle where precise timing is everything.

— The legendary heroes of the Gods Among Us universe are returning.

— Become a powerful Elden Lord and restore the fallen kingdom of Elden.

The Gods Among Us Trilogy is an action RPG. Players can fight together as the Gods Among Us heroes, who have all gone their separate ways and come together in the archipelago in the Lands Between to fight an insidious force that threatens to plunge the realm into chaos. Combining the gameplay of the action RPG genre with the fun of a card battle system, the battle system allows players to easily control powerful Elden Lords and intervene in the course of the battle by using versatile combo moves and magic. Players can also directly connect with other players through an online battle system, where they are mutually supported, thus enabling them to fight together in any location.

The action RPG, which has received positive response from gamers, will be available as Final Fantasy® XV: A New Legend for PlayStation®4 and Windows PC in 2018.


Play as a member of the Lordship of Elden, the main protagonist of the Gods Among Us saga, who has returned to the land of Elden.

The incredibly detailed world, combined with a story in which various characters have gone their separate ways and come together in the archipelago in the Lands Between, provides a unique experience as a character that gets to know the main protagonist, as well as the secondary and tertiary characters in his or her own way.

By playing, the player can become an important figure, even more important than the heroes among the Gods Among Us, as the protagonist of the story is not a hero; nor is he a villain. The player’s role is to oversee the state of affairs in Elden, establish and grow the kingdom, and bring together the fractured members of Elden.

The gameplay, which is mostly action-based and has elements of role-playing and card battle, allows players to take actions at their own pace and also allows them to set the timing and control other characters. Players can easily understand what is expected of them while also enjoying the fun of the battle.

Players can use powerful Elden Lords, divide and move a large force, and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fight alongside other players in a common server
  • Play the game together with friends or with strangers
  • Participate in co-op tournaments and earn rewards
  • Elden Ring Link:

    Elden Ring GM website:

    Sun, 26 May 2013 02:17:13 +0000nsolomon against bakabushi Games

    Large, useful, useful and powerful.

    None of those who have played it can deny it.

    Dragon’s Beast Duel is a game that we were really interested in.

    But when we got to play it last Saturday, we were disappointed.

    Exciting, its true.

    You can overcome amazing physical challenges with the maximum.

    For example, you can fight against monsters whose strength is five times of yours in a single hit.

    However, if you get obsessed with items that you acquire, there is the risk that it will cause you to get overwhelmed.

    And by the way, there are so many things that need to be mastered.

    You are given the initiative to play whenever you want to.

    But by the time you relax and just watch others battle, it has already passed, and the monsters you were expecting to fight were already nothing more than a faint memory.


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    «This is an amazing game! My favorite RPG game of all time! Highly highly recommend to anyone!»

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    «A Lord Warlord filled with nostalgia, pure nostalgia. »

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    «In short, the game is awesome. It is all I expected it to be. It is complex, with a surprising number of characters that provide you with different ways of playing. »

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    «The world you enter within “The Elden Ring Product Key” is truly delightful. It has a rich atmosphere and an amazing atmosphere. The game is easy to play but hard to master. You feel the presence of history in this game. I recommend this game to everyone, be it a beginner or a veteran. I guarantee that you will love it. »

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    «The Elden Ring is an amazing game with a unique atmosphere and story. I recommend it to everyone who is a fan of fantasy and action RPG. »

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    «The Elden Ring is an excellent action RPG that matches the expectations of adventure role-playing games. »

    ★★★★☆,★★★★★ 5/5 STARS, プラクティカル・アフタヌール

    «The Elden Ring is a fantastic action role-playing game! Beating the boss requires a lot of effort and attention


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    Greetings, I’m Shinya Tokuda, Director of the Sword & Fantasy team at Square Enix.

    I would like to begin by expressing our deep appreciation to those who spent the time to play the game and share their impressions with us. We’re glad to have received such feedback, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game as we fine tune our work in order to create a better and more enjoyable experience.

    Thank you for your support of this game. In order to fulfill your expectations for each title, we will do our best to provide strong content and services in addition to ensuring that the quality of each title is improved.

    We want to reaffirm our determination to ensure that this game receives the attention and appreciation that it deserves.

    With this in mind, we’ll do our best to keep you informed of the progress of the development of the game in the near future.

    Please continue to look forward to it, and I wish you all the best for the future.

    Shinya Tokuda, Director

    Sword & Fantasy Team

    Ch. 23 — (Part 23) — The Power of the Elden Ring — the Ultimate Dragon

    * Let’s start off with a new segment.

    A Wizard of the Firelands

    [This is the story of the Wizard of the Firelands]

    The Elden Ring has long held that a command which is in accordance with the will of the user is more effective than a command which is not.

    Thus, I, the Wizard of the Firelands, have learned what it is to command an army from a feeble wizard.

    * The story of the Wizard of the Firelands begins in order to make you feel the impact of powers within the Elden Ring through action.

    [On the Map]

    A Wizard of the Firelands

    [On the Map]: In order to ease your curiosity regarding the various effects of the Ring, this map will be activated upon speaking to the NPC Firelands Wizard in a certain location.

    [Locations]: Locations where this story is activated.

    1. Bleak Crest

    2. Gorleston Vales

    3. Heironea

    4. Gran Soren

    5. Imrehil

    6. Steeple Plains

    7. The Citadel

    8. Moonlight Forest

    9. Proud Crescent

    10. Celestial Gate

    [Story Content]


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ◆◇ Key Features ◇◆

    ◆◇ World Connectivity and Character Creation ◇◆
    You are embarking on a journey where the lands between lands, between different worlds, have been connected, but all you see is gold, thorn, and darkness, in a shocking experience with a non-stop action.
    — In your journey to become an Elden Lord, the doors to the new land are the best place to begin. The human, nymph, otyugh, and etc. races of the new land are awaiting you.
    ◆◇ Map System ◇◆
    • A Terrific Experience Beginning with Random Battles
    Let your adversary be the map of the world; your adventure is going to be as challenging as you wish.
    • Exploration and Intricate Maneuvers
    Depending on the attacks of your character, you can freely explore over the vast world map by performing combos that gain you the most rewards.
    ◆Character Art ◆
    The characters look really cool, but also with their designs rooted in traditional fantasy art. I love how charming and cool they are!
    ◆◇ Character Creation ◇◆
    You create your character in the deep fantasy world.
    • Choose the Mage: Enchant as a Main or Sub-Class
    With the addition of a secondary weapon or armor, you can choose your main weapon and sub-class, or combine them to choose your character formation.
    ◆◇ Online Play ◇◆
    • Multiplayer Online Battles
    Live, social multiplayer, where even if you don’t connect to the client, you can chat online!
    •​ Terribly Competent Battles
    Living monsters that can reach the client can also be fought. The battles here are inter-class, so even when your character is destroyed, you can continue fighting. The monsters are really good at dashing attacks so it’s easy for you to get overwhelmed.
    ◆◇ Music ◇◆
    The great music by AROLL BEATLES Theme of Evernalia is included in the game.
    ◇◆Release Date ◇◆


    Add more power to share your journey!
    — Puzzles —
    Check out


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    1. Cd key Winrar or 7zip.
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    4. Select the »add a non-steam game» option from »games library».
    5. In the »search ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\old games\common\ldr» folder, select the *Elden Ring* folder.
    6. Select the »Install a non-steam game» option.
    7. Select »Launch» (in order to load the installation.bat file located in the game’s folder).
    8. During the installation you may get a message indicating that the game has encountered problems. In this case select »Skip», and skip any other messages in the folder »install.log».
    9. After installation, the game will load from Steam.
    10. Complete the installation by selecting »yes» to install the game»s data.
    11. After installation is complete you will receive an email with instructions to receive the activation code for the game.
    12. You can now launch the game by selecting »Yes» in the message provided by Steam.
    13. Select the »data» folder in Steam and open the file called *patch.txt* as an archive with 7zip or Winrar.
    14. Open the folder *patch*.txt* with Microsoft Notepad.
    15. Copy/Paste the same content in the patch in the *patch.txt* file that you find in the game’s *data* folder.
    16. Close the patch file with the file *patch.txt*.
    17. Run the installation batch again, using the same installer step-by-step as in step 8.
    18. Complete the installation by selecting »yes», as explained in step 10.
    19. After the installation is complete you can use Steam to load the game from Steam (step 13).
    20. You can play Elden Ring through Steam with the same account used for the game in step 16.
    21. If you have registered to play the game through steam, you will receive a letter in the mail with your activation code.
    22. Play Elden Ring with the same account through Steam.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    To play, you need:
    OS: Windows 7 or above
    Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 2 GB RAM (AMD equivalent 1 GB)
    Graphics: Radeon™ HD Graphics or NVIDIA® Geforce® 8600M GS
    The game does not require that you have an Internet connection. You can enjoy the game without any internet connection.
    Also, for optimal performance, we recommend using a gamepad.
    * All characters have hair styles, some people’s hair styles may


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