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This page has been randomly selected from a sampling of our most interesting pages.Q: Block someone from a user I want to block or delete a certain user but don’t know how to do it. For example, if the user types /dm my_account and press enter, I want it to come up with the dialog: «your account is blocked, and you cannot comment anymore.» How can I do this? A: The simplest way is to modify the relevant config file, in this case probably /etc/fstab. Add the following line, where bash is on your system #block group /dev/sda5 /var/lib/mysql —bind-address= —local-infile=0 —table=users —user=username where /dev/sda5 is the partition containing the MySQL user data is the address of your MySQL server (internal loopback interface) /var/lib/mysql is the directory containing the MySQL databases —bind-address= —local-infile=0 —table=users —user=username is the configuration option used by MySQL to protect the MySQL user data from being read by non-authenticated users. However, it is only relevant on Linux systems (and yes, I know, technically not even Linux systems). Here we use a table (—table=users) to store which users are blocked and which groups they belong to (—group=username). Also note that if you use —bind-address= and/or —local-infile=0 you will have to update MySQLs configuration file /etc/my.cnf accordingly to enable the setting of the MySQL server for you. See the section «Access Control List (ACLs)» (bind-address, and many more) in the MySQL manual. The advantage of using a table (and the disadvantage of introducing the new —table option into the configuration file) is that you don’t have to change the database structure if you decide to allow users to be blocked again (eg because the aforementioned configuration file is disabled and/or you simply made a mistake). There is also the option to do this (and probably more) with nftables, but this is really a last resort option, as

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