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Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Surviving in an alien ecosystem and fighting the cold-blooded Shilas is all in a day’s work for Serene.
Once part of a heroic expedition, she was resoundingly rejected. Now, she’s the sole survivor and at the mercy of the cold, hostile and forbidding Blakk.
Faced with hostile terrain, no resources and no help from back on Earth, Serene has little choice but to make a new home here on the surface.
With just a small handheld device she was able to search for the place.
Finding its coordinates, she sets off. But before long, a pack of Shilas are on her trail.
Their home planet is dying and now they’re on a crash course with our own Earth, taking shelter within our atmosphere.
They’re going to try and adapt to our world, but in the process they’re changing everything – including Serene.
And it’s not long before Serene makes a terrible discovery: she isn’t the only person on the planet!
This is a story of survival, the beginning of a life-or-death race through an alien landscape – and the last hope of humanity’s planet.
Meet Serene and her story and you’ll never look at the world in the same way again.
Serene is a survival adventure set in a hostile environment.
If you manage to escape, you’ll have to find new home for yourselves.
Discover a hostile and alien world brimming with dangers.
You’ll have to adapt quickly and fight.
Don’t miss this sci-fi adventure full of action, so prepare for an intense experience like never before.
• Artwork by Victor Hugo, courtesy of Warpstone Games
• Artwork by Tommy Smile and Finn Tagerwächter
• Additional modelling, texture painting and animation by Victor Hugo
• Sound by Igor Kalinov
• Music by Pelle Niemistö
• Gameplay by Rudolf E. Elferen
• Storyboard by Henry Nyberg
• Creative direction by Rudolf E. Elferen
• Character model by Otto Klöckner
• Level designer by Otto Klöckner
• Level designer by Sara Pettersson
• Programming, level design, art direction and music by Otto Klöckner
• Level designer and music by Daniel Jonsson
• Character


Features Key:

  • Explore a massive star system in a first-person view.
  • Fly along with your intergalactic friends.
  • Collect goodies for your alien village.
  • Forge epic anti-social grudges.

  • Meet the Team:

    The development team:

    Daniel Volakis
    Programming — Game Console (any)
    Programming — Unity, Mobile, Game consoles, Editors, 3D, Lighting and Effects
    Sam Ashbey
    Design — Game Console (any)
    Graphics and Animation (morphing planet textures, spaceship animation, docking animations)


    The game style was close to 80 degrees Star Wars and 70 degrees of a visual

    On Sale:

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    Far Beyond: A Space Odyssey VR Crack +

    Explore the vastness of outer space in an infinite universe and play one of the most immersive, action-packed and engaging space games available in VR. A boldly expansive and vast universe awaits, where you and your friends can both explore and conquer to your heart’s content. What are you waiting for?- Virtual reality meets the outer space- Travel through the vastness of outer space with a rocket strapped to your back and load up on boosters- Complete missions in the vastness of outer space with your friends and rise to new heights- Mission design- Create your own missions with a user-friendly design system- Compete with your friends in PvP and enjoy the adrenaline of multiplayer space battles in the vastness of outer space- Upgrades- Upgrade your rocket and the weapons and modules that make it fly- Explore the vastness of outer space with an infinite number of settings- Gaining experience in epic battles with other players and AI opponents will lead you to the top- Play alone or with friends in cooperative multiplayer space battles, unlocking new characters along the way and conquering the vastness of outer space with your friends- Large-scale battles with up to 40 players in one multiplayer session- Ship design- Customise your ship as you see fit- Fly and collect upgrades to become the ultimate sci-fi explorer in the vastness of outer space with your friends
    Key Features – Explore the vastness of outer space:
    — A bold and action-packed VR experience
    — Huge universe that will take you beyond the limits of your imagination
    — Play alone or with up to four friends
    — Complete your missions and rise to new heights in an infinite universe
    — Mission design
    — Create your own missions with a user-friendly design system
    — Multiplayer battles
    — Gaining experience in epic battles with other players and AI opponents
    — Ship design
    — Customise your spaceship as you see fit
    — Fly and collect upgrades to become the ultimate sci-fi explorer
    — Large-scale battles with up to 40 players in one multiplayer session
    — Drive and navigate a monorail in a huge open world
    — Fully voiced by the legendary actors of the Star Trek franchise:
    — CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto
    — Mark Ruffalo
    — Karl Urban
    — Idris Elba
    — Anton Yelchin
    — Chris Pine
    — Simon Pegg
    — Zoe Saldana
    — John Cho
    — Jason Isaacs
    — Avery Brooks
    — Nichelle Nichols
    — John de Lancie


    Far Beyond: A Space Odyssey VR Crack + Torrent (Activation Code) X64

    Constructor of cities Technology
    Evolution of cities Combat
    Creation of Aliens
    Exploration of Earth-like world
    Technology of aliens
    Evolution of technology
    Strategy Planning
    Natural selection
    Managing city
    Receiving aliens
    Labor, economy, taxation
    Economy Plan
    All weapons are sent to the city you build them on the map.Your ship will be the center of the map. The further away from the center your ship is the slower the journey of your construction forces.In the game there are five different class ships. Each ship has a maximum number of construction forces. To be able to build the ship you need to accumulate materials from each class.A 12 basic type of construction forces is available. Using these you can build most buildings. Each force carries a specific job to build.Upgrading the construction force will cause the construction force to work faster. You can only upgrade your forces at your base.You can repair your ships after you have landed. The repair costs will increase the longer the ship is repaired. The cost of a repair will depend on the type of ship and the amount of work that needs to be done.To fight against the enemy you will have to build a lot of defence ships. The defense ships will be automatically built. You can construct additional defense ships using the left hand thumbstick.
    When you find an enemy ship you can destroy it using your own ships.
    To destroy an enemy ship, you need to get the highest speed on your ship. The higher the speed, the more damage you do to the ship.
    Main game-Stick Navigation
    Game will be paused automatically when the game is paused by hand. When you press «x» again the game will automatically resume.
    Additional-Buttons Navigation
    Keyboard players can navigate with the right hand
    Oculus-Click «Play» on the main menu of the game
    Interface Setting- can be toggled in the Additional Content section of the menu.The long-awaited, much-heralded phase of the legalization of cannabis in Canada is finally here.

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    What’s new:

      is a first-person adventure game that drops you into the stars on a mission to the galaxy’s most feared and mysterious object: The legendary “Mothership.” You’ll have to use your own brainpower to solve all 26 puzzles presented to you on-board the USS Bumper, as you head towards the craft’s mothership, find your way around the USS Bumper and eventually, wake up the ship’s main computer. However, things are about to get really dicey.

      The game is played through motion controls only, with six degrees of freedom provided by the tilting motion of the head and the rotation of the device.

      The concept is simple. You start out, meet Captain Troo in his cozy seaside house, he gives you a crash course in the ship’s driver’s course and you take a test to determine your skill level. Failure in the test means there is no way for you to progress. You’ll start out as a moron in a bright yellow spacesuit and the game goes from there. The three “missions” are a test of survival, a test of navigation and finally the mothership itself.

      Like other games utilizing VR, the light when the user turns is used as a trigger.

      Weronika Smerej.

      Moving the camera using your controllers is quite simple, and after trying out a few applications and apps I managed to get the simple camera controls to work well. I think it would have been better if the developers had used a “simple” camera app like Photo Booth, which is provided by Apple to OEM devices. This way, there wouldn’t have been any camera issues.

      The controls that work with VR head-mounted are motion controls only, and it takes some getting used to at first, but once you do, it works great. Using a joystick and the standard buttons, as well as the standard keyboard controls, it is possible for you to play this game.

      Warhol: Once you’ve played it, you can understand why the game creators wanted to utilize VR. The visuals of the game, besides the high resolution, are clean and clear with none of the usual head-scratching simulator blur seen on other games.

      The developers wanted to include an atmospheric background as well and have incorporated what’s known as a “5D” player. They actually created


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    Far Beyond: A space odyssey VR A space odyssey VR & Microsoft Excel Game | REALITY BOOBY is work that started in 1986 and is still going today



    System Requirements:

    Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
    RAM: 4 GB
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 or better, AMD R9 280 or better
    Disk Space: 7 GB available space
    Internet Connectivity: Broadband Internet connection
    As a side note, the game is looking to be very localized. It has not yet been ported to support any language but English, so once it does, it should be playable in your language.
    Now, the game is still in Early Access, so it is possible that bugs may be present. We



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