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The Redemption Cemetery is a complex of abandoned theme and amusement parks, similar to other familiar locations in Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure games such as Abandoned Mine, Haunted Castle or Lost Tomb. In this series of events that began in The Black Stoker (Amax Entertainment, 2012), the plot unfolds when a mysterious and unseen female force removes the soul of a past guest from her grave, apparently leading her ghost back into our world. The missing soul then disappears from its recently dug-up grave within a village of the town of its disappearance. That missing soul becomes the protagonist of this series of story-driven adventures.
Key Features:
• Find and hold on to the key images for the missing characters and the resolution of the story!
• A suspenseful and spine-tingling experience of dark fairytales!
• Fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
• An engaging storyline, with a variety of challenging and rewarding puzzles!
• Narrated by a mysterious teacher that gives hints to advance through the game!
• Innovative and refreshing gameplay mechanics, that combined with its high quality text and music will provide you an unforgettable experience!
• Includes English, German, French, Russian and Spanish voice overs and soundtracks!
• An interactive help file accessible via the pause menu!
• An interactive strategy guide!
• An original soundtrack and dynamic voice-overs!
• Two medal collections!
• Restores full image resolution from the original files!
• Works on PCs that run Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2!
• Requires 640×480 screen resolution.
What’s New in Version 2.9:
• All achievements are now available! You can share your progress with your social networks.
• The game now supports the mouse, improving the overall gameplay experience.
• Removed some dead textures and objects that were causing crashes.
• None
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Features Key:

  • The long awaited sequel of this insane game is finally here!
  • Insert more bodies
  • More insane and funny ways to kill
  • Kill your friends
  • Kill your enemies
  • There are all-new trailers and cool art
  • No quota, like last time
  • Only you can decide how the game ends (supposedly)
  • Collect and sell corpses for extra money
  • Speaking of money
  • We have bundled some of our most popular content with this edition
  • The upcoming sequel to this critically-acclaimed game is back in full force, all — new maniacal ways to put your friends to sleep, new gruesome and chilling ways to mutilate those unfortunates that got in your way, and finally — you and your friends could decide the ending, should you win. It’s not just your typical zombie-game puzzle game….or ever game, for that matter.

    This time you’ll travel to the Island of Summer — a beautiful island settled by the survivors of a nuclear war. You’ll face not only the strangers, the undead but also the slowly recuperating society of these peaceful people with the amazing powers of the infamous «Cubelets» distributed by a UFO quite long ago. With the help of the strange and mysterious Professor Robotnik, you’ll try to survive and complete mysterious quests using your great madness and cunningness. Along with the fun basic gameplay there are many exciting challenges, puzzles, lots of funny and grotesque narrative traps and an all-new game story with a new cast of character and new quests. So are you ready to take the challenge?

    Through the gameplay of the new sequel we’ve tried to make it even more challenging than ever. If you already encountered problems with doing something in the previous game, then you won’t be able to stop doing it from the beginning. We also had a lot of feedback from our previous fans and we made sure that this game will be as entertaining as the first one. We’ve put effort into the presentation and all of those bizarre extras so that you can enjoy every aspect of our latest piece of work.

    First of all, we didn’t


    Redemption Cemetery: Dead Park Collector’s Edition Crack + Free [Latest]

    Before you were born, a mysterious and prolific figure created an amusement park of his own. The park he built was unlike any other, as it was devoted entirely to the preservation of deceased humans and the dead. But after years of operation, the park’s theme seemed to have changed. Instead of its famous ghosts and spirits, the park was now populated with strange creatures, long since forgotten about by the current generation.
    While you ride the rollercoaster and play the arcade games at the park, you are set on discovering the secret hidden in Redemption Cemetery. Was this park abandoned due to the fact that it was haunted by the supernatural? Did the park become a prison for the abnormal? Or was someone trying to hide the fact that there was a far greater purpose for the park? And most importantly, just how does this cemetery differ from the others you have visited before?
    Worry not! You are about to discover the answers to all of these questions, and even more, in an exceptional quality Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
    Key Features:
    • Step into the shoes of the Man of Mystery himself and unravel the park’s fascinating history!
    • Explore the mystery of Redemption Cemetery!
    • Solve mind-bending puzzles to restore memories of the park’s past!
    • Ride the rollercoaster, solve mini-games, and investigate objects hidden throughout the park’s four levels!
    • Find power-ups and use them to renovate the amusement park!
    • Find morphing skulls and spend them to renovate an amusement park!
    • Enjoy an exciting story full of macabre humor, graphic imagery, weird encounters and intriguing twists.
    System Requirements:
    Mac OS X
    OS: Windows Vista
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 or higher
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    This game is not intended for children, nor can it be played while under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

    FTC DISCLAIMER: Game has not been verified or approved by the developers. This game has no affiliation with the developers or publishers. The developers and


    Redemption Cemetery: Dead Park Collector’s Edition Crack + [32|64bit] Latest

    For readers of Night at the Museum, The Power of Six, and Heirs to the Crown series.In 1859, the winds of revolution began blowing through Poland. The hopes of a thousand years of empire were about to be swept away as the Russian tsar was forced to relinquish his rule over his subjects. Driven from the capital, thousands of soldiers and bureaucrats took to the frozen steppe, joining peasant soldiers who had fought alongside Czar Nicholas against Napoleon years before.The fate of the empire, and the lives of an entire nation, rested in the hands of a young soldier named Wojciech Kosacki.A Russian prince with a powerful family name and blood ties to the ruling Russian dynasty, Kosacki was called upon by his tsar to join the Siberian Expeditionary Army, and he agreed to go. Within days of setting out, however, Kosacki and his fellow soldiers were ambushed and brought under the control of the rebellious forces, and his family was taken hostage. Kosacki could only fight for his life, and find out the truth.What is it like to live in another man’s country? How can you escape the role you were born into, no matter how much you wish to? And who are you when you’re alone on the steppe, thousands of miles from home?In 1859, Poland was torn by war. It was a time of upheaval, of fear and chaos. It was a time when strangers and loved ones were snatched away, when there were no laws or rules, no justice. It was a time when one man could rise to the occasion and save a nation. In that winter, one man became a hero.Written by award-winning, New York Times best-selling author and pioneer of the Hidden Object puzzle game genre, Mark J. Harris,Book One in the Redemption Cemetery series, follows the story of one young Pole who finds himself in the middle of a war in which his country and his family are at stake. When the Russian tsar is overthrown by his subjects, the fate of the entire empire rests on the shoulders of the young soldier Wojciech Kosacki. But for Wojciech, it is much more than a battle for the fate of the Polish people. What is it like to live in another man’s country? How can he escape the role he was born into, no matter how much he wishes to? And who are you when you’re alone on the steppe, thousands of


    What’s new:

      Being a child of the late 90’s, I fell in love with Dead Park like most of the internet at the time: It was brutal, pixelated and the amount of bugs and glitches made it a hell of a challenge. It was a thrill and a curse; the adrenaline rush I experienced when hanging out at the neighborhood arcade made me worry I’d blow up my heart or get addicted to crack cocaine. Since then, I’ve found myself playing the old demo again and again. There’s just something about Dead Park that makes me want to play it forever.

      As a descendant of the game’s Trime Force era, today I decided to compile the games coming out this summer and beyond and see how well they stack up to the original game — not that there’s really any comparison to the much more recent Trime Force re-release. I absolutely LOVE Dead Park, and consider it the 4th entry of the Trime Force series. However, everyone’s opinion differs on the matter and I want to hear your thoughts.

      In the following article, I’ll give you a run-down of all the updates coming after the original Dead Park including reviews and some cool trailers. Please note that this is NOT a review of Trime Force, which this site will not be covering (but if you’re curious, or need to know for any review reasons, gosh, don’t worry, we’ll link it when we can):

      Dead Park 3 & 4

      Dead Park: Forgotten Memories is coming out this summer. Frankly, I’m not too interested in 3 (which is to be expected because the game is technically its sequel in gameplay terms — the story is different and not as good), but I’m more excited about 4 because it’s pretty much a HAPPY-FEVER MIXER of all my favorite bits from Dead Park.

      I’m actually quite excited that 4 is coming; not so much because of the PocketCast aspects or the expanded campaign, but more that I discovered that you can mix the various soundtrack tracks together, thereby creating an entirely new 3+ soundtrack to listen to! Coincidentally, I also came across track 5 which is an instrumental version of the Trime Force song, Slow and Going Home.

      If you’re interested, you can download 7 different pieces of the soundtrack for a total of 12 tracks for free and once you beat them, they unlock some other stuff in order to get a total of 97 tracks. Additionally, if you help Robite


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    Tue, 15 Jul 2016 04:50:00 +0330Studio Home Creations Games Coming Out Soon
    [center]B.E.P.W. 2 June 2014[/center]
    Since you are looking for 2D retro games on Linux — here is the list of games we currently have in development:
    Lineage of the Lost Souls — a remake of Lineage 2, side scroll adventure.
    Gungan Warrior — small tactics game, based on GBA shooter series.
    B.E.P.W. — a remake of B.E.P. and other games such as Baal, Alabil, Black Hole and others.
    Taqua episode — a remake of total 32 episode of the game, mmorpg, with a lot of content expansions since the game only had 12 episodes. It will include my mods & skins and some already released episodes. This project is in it’s early stage, currently under development. We (Colo&nsum), work daily on this at my own PC.
    Chaos & Punishment 2 (almost finished) — Another remake of the hit game Chaos & Punishment first in an omnibus format. This will include several games on 2 discs (LoTS, H&P, Tranzmor: a lovely game, Nozomi temple, Turmoil: Apocalisse with a lot of new content including over 250+ bosses but also many previously released maps, Gladiator


    System Requirements:

    Minimum: 1280×720
    Recommended: 1920×1080
    Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom X2 or equivalent
    1 GB
    Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    Network Adapter
    Broadband Internet connection
    Other Notes
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    Default Settings:
    Splash Screen – Yes
    Video – 720p
    Resolution – 1280×720
    Frame Rate – 30 FPS
    Special Effects – No


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