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Name [Revival] DOA6 Hot Summer Costume — Mila
Publisher bartsel
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The peace has been shattered in the city of Sainonia. The country is at war. Military forces from both sides are engaged in a deadly struggle. With the city in ruin, and cities surrounding it becoming war zones in the chaotic street fights, the citizens have no choice but to seek refuge within its gates…
A new chance to survive has arrived. The country’s other knights are on their way to war with warriors from the other faction, and the civilians’ troubles are about to begin.
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Name [Revival] DOA6 Hot Summer Costume — Mila
Publisher bartsel
Format File
Rating 4.88 / 5 ( 1597 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


[Revival] DOA6 Hot Summer Costume — Mila Features Key:


[Revival] DOA6 Hot Summer Costume — Mila Crack + [Win/Mac]

The DOA world is filled with great fighters. We know this. But there are few fighters that are of truly legendary stature. Visions of fighters that are not known today, but will become legends for the ages. Fighters that will live on as a legacy for future generations. Fighters such as Mila.
Wait, I’m hearing you ask… Mila? Mila and Mila!? You’re asking yourself, «Who in the hell is Mila?»? Well, that’s not really my problem, so let’s just say that Mila was a female cyborg, who was created by a secret organization known as M.A.R.I.A (Mechanical and Advanced Robotics Investigation and Application) and was created as an experimental prototype weapon. She took on this role with great success.
I’m sure you all remember her. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who got her jacket in the last game. Unfortunately, Mila’s lifespan was up and the organization who created her was forced to disband, so she is now free and roaming the world! Why not go and meet the one who created you? She must have many things to say!
— New Hot Summer Costume
— Confirmed to be available as part of the «Wings of Freedom» event.
— Accessory and Familiar Costume downloads are included, which will let you add the accessory and familiar costumes as a main wardrobe item.
— Game Center profile icon, icon and application icon are added as a special bonus
Hot Summer Costume
Mila for DOA6
Age: 15-years-old
Gender: Female
Class: Cyborg
Weapon: NTW-MSC
Head: New
Body: New
Legs: New
Hands: New
Feet: New
Accessory: New
Character Accessories: New
Accessory: New
Character Application: New
Character Application: New
Game Center Icon: New
Game Center Icon: New
Icon: New
Icon: New
Story: New
Story: New
Sound: New
Release Date: 2016.10.08
Content Type: Character
Content Type: Character
ST: Design, Character, Weapon, Weapon, Armor, Armor, Hud
Title: Mila — New Hot Summer Costume
DLC: Wings of Freedom
Language: Japanese
Region: JPInactivation of Escherichia coli in swine wastewater and poultry wastewater by sequential ultrasonication and UV.
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[Revival] DOA6 Hot Summer Costume — Mila Crack Free For PC

“DOA6” features many new characters and weapons, as well as a new combat system. A new goal, Doa’s survival, will play an important role in the game.
■ Characters
The DoA6 roster of characters features a wide array of Dead or Alive’s well-known characters. These include:
— Kasumi: A familiar face to many fans, this character returns from her sister Ayane’s body. In addition, Kasumi has gained greater proficiency with a blade thanks to her studies under Sensei.
— Marie Rose: SISTERS!!
— Set [Doa6 Set]
— Mila: The missing sister of Ayane. While she is a rather shy and timid character, she can cut down foes with the deadly precision of a ninja.
— Ayane: Sensei!
— Set [Doa6 Set]
■ Weapons
In addition to plenty of characters, the new DoA6 game features an extensive arsenal of weapons, such as:
— Katana: A surprisingly large sword that glows blue when performing a rapid move. It does a great amount of damage.
— Gun: A handgun that does a great amount of damage to the head of a foe.
— Whip: A weapon that deals a great deal of damage with a full body blow.
— Knife: A common kitchen knife that deals considerably less damage than a sword. However, it has the advantage of being very useful to deal with opponents who have acquired a considerable amount of resistance.
— Spear: A weapon that has the strength of a spear and can deal a powerful blow.
■ Extra Scenarios
A new extra scenario is available for the character, Mila.
— Special Costume: Mila
— Mila’s Wardrobe [Doa6 Shop]
■ Other Items
There are various items in the new Dead or Alive 6 game such as new clothing, toys, and other accessories.
— Katana: A katana with a set of chains along with a curved blade.
— Multi Slot: An extension slot that attaches to the body slot.
[Game Information]
Character: Mila
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Blue
Sex: Female
Face Expression: Happy
Compatible Modes: PS4
Multiplayer Content: Online Multiplayer
— Content is compatible with the following


What’s new:


This month’s Noorderlicht Guidebook is way out of scale for civilian availability at retail, but we have good news for you anyway: You will be able to get your hands on some of the most exciting sheet metal products produced this year when Tora!Tora! returns! There are two new fighters! Toraji’s Kuro with Yoshikage Kira one is a character that even Akira fans can enjoy—from the streets of Nishio City to the very outside edge of the world! There is a new UFO (Not In This Year) battle tower featuring all of your favorite fighters! And plenty of A-Project merchandise is on the way!

Kuro from Tora!Tora!

Kuro is a classic orthodox fighter from Tora!Tora! that is not only a hot add to the books, but a staggering figure for complete sets. Kuro is a many sided fighter when it comes to consumption, the melee oriented fighter has a great blast radius, great damage output against melee units (with high damage multipliers) and can even make some of the most flavorful shield spam tactics possible with this martial arts soldier.

«He specializes in vertical multitasking fighting style. Awesome feat.leap.» -Tiger Released

Kuro is a unique fighter in Tora!Tora! with some serious identity issues. He is supremely overpowered and doesn’t fit in with most of the martial arts based craftstyles. His close proximity to the Basho Style of Judo and the Ueshiba Aiki Budo based style of aikido is undeniable, but without a modified concept of what «true» aikido is, Kuro always comes off as an inferior martial art. So he often is played as a glass cannon and consumes many colors to outrange the opposing players. Kuro’s character strongly emphasizes control and timing over raw power and natural balance. Kusari Dama, if Kuro can be credited, is the true animal of the fighting styles. Kuro is a high-end generalist that is bound to be the recipient of bleeding cardbases everywhere.

Photo by Calidus

Kuro can use his unarmed and katanas to allow for a variety of different plays without many of the visual limitations of close range weapons (plus there is the awesomeness of the dodge!). However katanas are not available in the complete aircraft section as the only katana’s are those of the Mugu race. Kuro


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System Requirements:

[*] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or more GPUs
[*] RAM: 6 GB
[*] CPU: 2 GHz(Intel CPU, AMD is supported)
[*] HDD: 500 MB
[*] NVIDIA GPU (original): With PCI-E, and more than 2 GB available
[*] NVIDIA GPU (new): Recommended GPU: 5 GB available
[*] NVIDIA GPUS (onboard): Recommended GPU:


Name [Revival] DOA6 Hot Summer Costume — Mila
Publisher bartsel
Format File
Rating 4.88 / 5 ( 1597 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


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