Wide Ocean Big Jacket

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Download Setup + Crack ––– DOWNLOAD


After five days of sailing, the titular Wide Ocean Big Jacket, with its crew of six, has ventured into a new, uncharted ocean. Fuelled with enormous curiosity, they set out to try and uncover the unknown. Along the way, they discover the remains of a ship, and the six members of its crew.
That’s all you need to know about this short story. Experience the story as you play through four charming little chapters. Each chapter is composed of a sequence of tiny moments that are so simple on their own but when combined, tell the story of the Jacket’s captain.
This story is about diversity in storytelling.
This story is about personalities.
This story is about adventure.
This story is about moments.
This story is about life.
This story is about a big jacket that lives in a small space.
Explore the tiny moments that build a life.
About the Game:
You are going to meet the crew of the story, you are going to explore their lives, understand their characters, empathize with their emotions. You are going to live in their tiny moments, and step into the life they lead.
Through this journey, you are going to discover four tiny moments that show the life of the captain, and by interacting with the crew, you are going to play the role of each character as well.
This is a short story about the millions of tiny moments that define our lives.

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Wide Ocean Big Jacket Features Key:

  • Operation System: Windows 7,8
  • Player: 3D,Viewer
  • Screen Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Game resolution: 32×32 to 80×80
  • Support Motion $1


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The year is 1434 and the great economic depression is ravaging the world’s commerce. The Great Laundry — an incredibly large organization that manages the supply of clean clothes for the whole world — has been losing a lot of money because of a high price inflation and demand for new clothes. The labelling section, which prints crisp, bright new tags on clothes, has been losing a lot of customers because of inferior ink ruining clothes. The casual clothes department has been losing both price and market share. The Global Trade Order department has not been doing very well lately because the currency in the global economy has been rapidly depreciating. To add to their woes, most of the inventory they have is unsellable now because there are too many customers competing for them.
The manager of the labelling section, a loner named Meredith, is starting to feel like she is losing control of her life. On the train to work she starts thinking about her family. Her husband was a surgeon in Korea, and her son has a rare genetic skin condition which is making him very unwell. When she arrives at work, she finds out that her team needs someone with experience in print design to help them with the new inking machines. It seems like a good opportunity for some experimentation as she can have more fun with the job than at home, while at the same time getting away from the responsibility of taking care of her son.
But everything does not work out as she had planned. Her supervisor is the exact opposite of the previous one who was overly friendly and egotistical. He is cruel, demanding, constantly gets angry at her and the other employees, and most of the machines are not working. Meredith receives a promotion, but at the same time, an even worse shift starts. Meredith’s son is growing sicker, her family is suffering from the high cost of life, the world is going into recession and the labelling section is due to fire someone if it does not get back on track. She works very hard to keep her head above water and puts in a lot of long hours, but it is not enough… She is alone and her unhappiness and anger spills over into everything.
Now, for the real secret of the game: the Great Laundry is experiencing a lot of incidents when people who are alone or unsatisfied at work, or who are just heading out on a lonely, long vacation, get a new owner and return with a single item in their pocket. They come back empty-


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After five years of testing the waters, Saxton’s Ocean Snow Jacket is finally heading out into open surf. With a durable, waterproof 130-gram Paclite construction and super-lightweight 100-gram eVent membranes, it’s a complete package that breaks down into a 4-liter watertight pack size. The waffle-stitched, 2-way stretch microfleece head and throat zones are designed for easy layering, with bottom hem circular cuffs and a shaping hood for matching board styles. The durable, abrasion-resistant Zincall™ zip has a silicone anti-finger scraper to keep interference at bay.

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Abrasion resistant silicone anti-finger scraper

Water repellent, breathable water-repellent 100g membrane

Unisex sizing

Lightweight, durable 130g Paclite construction

180g fleece fills volume

130g with stretchy eco-materials

All Ocean Snow products are proudly made in the USA

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How To Crack Wide Ocean Big Jacket:

  • When the game starts running, click on the ‘Exit’ button or select ‘Escape’.
  • Go to your games list and look for the Wide Ocean Big jacket game.
  • Click on the ‘Install/Play’ button then close all open windows and tabs.
  • Wait until the game installs then run it.
  • Once the game is running, click on the ‘O’ button to open your options.
  • Click on the ‘Patch’ button in the bottom-right
  • Look for the file ‘WideOceanBigJacket.exe’ in your game directory.
  • Click on ‘Install’ and then ‘Run’ and the patch script will start to patch the game executable, once finished, click on ‘Finish’.
  • If you faced any problem during the patch process, restart the game, run the ‘Exit’ button, then click on ‘Patch’ button in the bottom-right, look for the file ‘WideOceanBigJacket.exe’ in your game directory and click on ‘Install’ again.
  • If the game is cracked and you do not wish to crack the game again. Then just un-instal the patch script from its game directory with removing the ‘Patch’ button in the bottom-right and exit then close all open windows and tabs.

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