50 Shades Of Grey Book Part 2 Pdf

50 Shades Of Grey Book Part 2 Pdf


50 Shades Of Grey Book Part 2 Pdf

E L James is a TV executive, wife, and mother of two, based in West London. Since early childhood, she.’s married to Jamie Dornan, who stars as Christian Grey in the film based on her bestselling novel ’50 Shades of Grey,’ which will hit cinemas on February 10. . E L James is currently working on the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey and a new TV series based on the trilogy.The latest addition to the collection of Fifty Shades of Grey screenplays (there are now four in total — The Original, the series, The Second Chances, and 50 Shades Darker) is full of little .
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.’s wife, Jamie Dornan, will reprise his role as Christian Grey in the sequel, which has yet to be


Now I had the code. It was the same as Anastasia’s. But the numbers didn’t match. There was the 10,000-pound, 8-foot-long barge, designed to sink slowly, its journey halted at the end, forever.

For the first time, the swooning, electric girl was eclipsed by a creeping sense of alarm. I found myself worrying that I’d be arrested again, that this was the thin end of the wedge. I thought of Euan, of any family he might have. Of Euan’s tracksuit friends, the ones who smelt of curry and drink the gluey cappuccino in the farm café. I thought of Euan on the phone, worrying about where I was and how his son was.



‘Are you seeing ghosts?’

‘Err, no. Not any more.’ She laughed nervously. She had the same sense I had of somebody being tickled by a short, nasty worm.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes. I promise.’

I sat up and opened my mouth, my body being dragged into the conversation. I didn’t know how to say what I wanted. I wanted to tell her that I’d had a visit from my dead father, that I was an ascended being, and that he was alive, but a question from the sensual seer changed my mind.

‘How long will you be there?’

She was turning from me, looking at herself in the mirror and combing out her hair, a gesture which seemed natural to her. I had seen similar gestures before.

‘Only a few days,’ I said. ‘Anastasia, I’ll send you a message when I need you to come.’

She’d already turned away from the mirror and was moving to her pile of clothes. ‘But, Christian,’ she said, ‘we need to talk about what happens if, and when, I’m not there. You need a secondary contact. You need to bring someone in.’

I frowned. ‘What do you mean?’

She looked at me, sadness in her eyes. ‘A lover,’ she said. She turned from me again. ‘You don’t even know the full extent of what you’re letting yourself in for, do you?’



I slept for six hours and


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