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Mediacoder Id [TOP] Keygen | Added By 17

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Mediacoder Id Keygen | Added By 17

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Create a function, with varargs, that will return a list of strings

This is my sample code.
def sample1(arg1, *args):
print(‘ arg1 is {}’.format(arg1))
print(‘args are {}’.format(args))


And this is the output.
arg1 is hello
args are [‘world’, ‘foo’]

So the argument arg1 is passed in, and the function returns the arguments as a list (args).
How can I create a function that will return an arbitrary list of arguments, as a list, and not print the arguments?
How can I have the function return a list of strings, instead of a list of args?


You can use a default parameter:
def sample1(arg1=None, *args):
if not arg1:
arg1 = ‘hello’
print(‘ arg1 is {}’.format(arg1))
print(‘args are {}’.format(args))
return [arg1] + args

>>> sample1(‘hello’,’world’,’foo’)
arg1 is hello
args are [‘world’, ‘foo’]
[‘hello’, ‘world’, ‘foo’]


You could use the *arg syntax for partial unpacking:
def sample1(*args):
print(‘ arg1 is {}’.format(args[0]))
print(‘args are {}’.format(args[1:]))

or you can just return args and drop the second parameter:
def sample1(*args):

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