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The name AutoCAD comes from the abbreviation for AutoCADeterministically Automated CADdesigner. AutoCAD is a package of related applications that includes three sub-programs: AutoCAD, Raster Graphics, and DWG (Drafting) Graphics.

Versions of AutoCAD have been available since 1982, starting with the 1987 release of AutoCAD version 1.0. The latest version is AutoCAD 2018. AutoCAD is used for 2D and 3D design work in architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, graphic arts, and land surveying.

The more than two dozen AutoCAD editions have been updated periodically to add new features and functionality.

AutoCAD is available in three versions: AutoCAD LT, Professional, and Enterprise. AutoCAD LT is the entry-level AutoCAD package for beginning users. Professional and Enterprise are the higher-level packages intended for professionals and institutions with extensive design and drafting requirements.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is an engineering-centric CAD system designed for 2D drafting and design. Autodesk’s Architectural CAD Task Force started developing AutoCAD Architecture in 1997. AutoCAD Architecture uses the same approach as AutoCAD; that is, the application was built from the ground up. Architectural CAD features include curved walls, blocks, and building elements. It also features a two-axis drafting tool with easy-to-use tools.

AutoCAD Architecture Features

AutoCAD Architecture is also a highly configurable CAD application that has many functions not found in other AutoCAD editions. These include:

• curved walls and ceiling

• building elements and system tools

• building shell and site modeling

• remote server support and workflow

• annotation and navigation

• drawing context manager

• sophisticated cloud technology

• and more.

AutoCAD Architecture in Use

The ability to create curved walls and ceilings is very useful.

In AutoCAD Architecture, the user draws the building, adds elements, and defines features such as windows, doors, and more. The user defines the center point and radius of the arc and can enter specific data for the arc, such as the building floor plan and elevation.

When the design is complete, the user can draw sections that will

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AutoCAD Torrent Download R12 introduced 3D modeling. 3D modeling can be done through 3D MAX or other 3D modeling tools. In AutoCAD R13, various new and improved capabilities have been added to 3D modeling. For example, in AutoCAD R13, 3D walls, trees, etc. can be imported into a drawing, with height automatically adjusted. In AutoCAD R14, users can edit and manipulate 3D objects using a brush tool. The 3D Geometry View allows users to look at and edit geometry using dimensions, text, annotations, and other 3D tools. 3D annotations can be edited and painted with one click. An AutoCAD R14 user can create 3D right-angle surfaces. In AutoCAD R14, 3D solids can be defined by a combination of spline faces and edges.

For 3D, AutoCAD supports using a number of different applications for 3D modeling, such as SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD LT, and others. CADManage, for example, allows users to import and edit 3D files. The 3D geometry in AutoCAD can be shared with other applications by way of a DXF file. The document can be exported from AutoCAD as a DXF, DWG, or RIB file and placed in a 3D package.

As of AutoCAD R13, it is possible to import, edit and save 3D project files. These are native AutoCAD 3D files that can be opened and edited in AutoCAD. However, users must use the native 3D workspace (3DSW) interface to edit the 3D models, as standard CAD components are not supported. Additionally, the native 3D workspace can be different than the standard 3D workspace. For example, the native 3D workspace may change the 3D view to allow zooming in and out of the 3D drawing and may have more information available for editing. When exporting a 3D drawing, AutoCAD will save the native 3D workspace, which has different settings than the standard 3D workspace.

AutoCAD can import, edit and export 3D models in the following file formats:
DWG (Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format)
DXF (AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format)
RNX (Rational NC Drawing Exchange Format)
3DS (3D Studio Exchange Format)
3DSW (3D Studio Works

AutoCAD X64




What’s New In AutoCAD?

Support for multiple languages and font families for all markups. Typeface settings can be applied to the entire project or to individual drawings. (video: 1:21 min.)

Markups that are created with AutoCAD 2023 can be converted into and edited in the older AutoCAD versions, by choosing the “Save Markups” option.

Choose from more than 50 highly-customizable page formats with a new formatting tool.

New drawing properties, including: Block Properties, Dimension/Linetype Properties, New and Customized drawing windows, property sheets, JPG export, Cut-Plane creation, and more.

Support for Italian and Japanese writing systems.

Powerful, innovative technical features for enhanced drawing productivity.

Update of the following features:


Watermarks in drawings are an important way to mark designs, give copyright, and protect designs from forgery. Mark the drawing to make this very visible. This function has been revised to produce cleaner watermarks. (video: 1:13 min.)

Print Preview:

Bring quick visual feedback to your designs in PDF and other print formats.

Live Dynamic Onscreen Help:

Get live feedback and assistance from the Onscreen Help system. A new Onscreen Help dialog provides easy access to the most frequently needed AutoCAD Help topics. (video: 1:13 min.)

Adjust/Desaturate Layers:

The new Adjust/Desaturate Layers feature is a powerful tool to adjust the colors of individual layers or groups of layers. If you want to make changes to the color of the drawing, you can adjust the color of the individual layers in the layer stack, to create color changes throughout the drawing. (video: 1:14 min.)

You can now desaturate individual layers, or the entire drawing, so that each layer in the drawing is neutral. Neutral colors help make drawings stand out and easily communicate information.

Create Nonprinting Legends:

Use legends to define the geographic location of new drawings on your project. The location information can be specified with the new “Project” option in the Drawing Creation dialog box.

Add Cut Planes and Guidelines:

Use the new Cut Planes and Guidelines to create a detailed planar cutover, without using the Cut command. Choose a start and end point, and then draw a cutting line that intersects the two points

System Requirements:

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