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The name AutoCAD refers to Autodesk’s original intentions for the software, which was a networked computer program that could be used to design by a number of people at once. The software was so named because it was meant to be easy to use, as compared to earlier commercial CAD programs such as Craneware that were somewhat difficult to learn.

Since the release of AutoCAD, the software has evolved from a simple desktop app to a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software with sophisticated tools that are used in many different areas of manufacturing, construction, architecture, engineering, and other professional fields.

In 2016, Autodesk claimed that AutoCAD software generated over 100 billion 2D drawings. AutoCAD is currently available for Mac, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

How to Use AutoCAD?

There are many versions of AutoCAD software, so it’s possible you have multiple AutoCAD versions on your computer.

You should delete old versions of AutoCAD if you can find them on your computer.

Steps for using AutoCAD 2016:

1. Click on Autodesk from the menu bar, and sign in.

2. Click on “Open Autodesk”.

3. Click on “AutoCAD” on the left side of the menu bar.

4. You’ll see two lines with icons for AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013, respectively. Select AutoCAD 2013.

5. You’ll be shown the software options.

6. Click on “Get Started” and on “Create A New File” to create a new drawing.

7. Click on “Start Drawing” and enter a name for your drawing.

8. Move the cursor around on your drawing canvas to see that your drawing is full of objects. If you double-click on the canvas, you’ll see some points and dimensions displayed. You can enter and save data.

9. Use the drawing tools to create shapes, text, lines, and other features.

10. Save your drawings.

11. You can open and edit multiple drawings simultaneously.

12. When you finish work on a drawing, save it and close it.

13. Click on “

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S/390, Solaris/SPARC and IBM PowerPC operating systems also support integrated development environments (IDEs) such as the Modular Integrated Development Environment (MIODE) from IBM and SPIDEA from Sun.

Data import and export
Data export to other file formats, including ASCII, WordPad, and Excel. Data import of any file format, including those created by programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel.
Data export to various geographical data formats, including GEOGRAPHIC DATA FORMAT (GDF) (a format used by CAD software and geographic information system software), with direct support for UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), WGS (World Geodetic System 1984) coordinates, etc.
Data export to a number of proprietary formats including PARIS (AutoCAD Cracked Version/AutoCAD Product Key LT), GLIPF, PLIPF, PLIF, PLT, GMM, AFD, AFX, VMF, VPF, and CATIA; as well as various types of exports, such as CSV, ZIP, and GZIP.

User interface

AutoCAD is available in several editions:

Free (AutoCAD LT), with a lighter look and feel and a 100% Microsoft Windows platform.
Standard (AutoCAD R14), also called the Professional Edition, with support for full 3D modeling, complex 3D geometry, 3D surfaces, and 3D solids, as well as more powerful editing tools.
Professional, with high-quality viewing capabilities, extensive 3D capabilities, 2D drafting capabilities, and the highest number of layers available.
Architectural Desktop, for architects and engineers, with a design-centric user interface and advanced object features that help in the visualization of complex 3D models.
Drafting & Annotation, a client–server solution for drawings management and annotation.
Enterprise, is for archival purposes only.

A few of the standard AutoCAD releases include user-defined command functions that can be tied to a graphic, text, or the insertion of a symbol object to have a customizable object. Such functions are not available in AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD was the first 3D CAD program that allowed any 2D drawing created in an AutoCAD document to be 3D-editable. Any object, including lines, text, dimensions, blocks, and the drawing canvas, can be manipulated from any perspective, creating a true 3D work environment.

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What’s New in the?

Use AutoCAD to send and integrate design feedback

Drawing Assistance:

Design for efficiency and ensure drawings are easy to create and maintain. Use the Drawing Assistant to easily and accurately create shapes, doors, and windows. (video: 1:03 min.)

Integrate geometry and blocks, and make the most of what’s possible in AutoCAD.

Work with geometry and blocks, and make the most of what’s possible in AutoCAD

Change Notifications:

Monitor and respond to changes with automatic notification of any edits and of errors.

Set up to monitor and respond to changes


Learn how to use the Drawing Assistant and DesignCenter to create helpful drawings and how to work with blocks, shapes, and AutoLISP.

Learn how to use the Drawing Assistant and DesignCenter to create helpful drawings

Add the ability to create and link two AutoLISP files, allowing you to run functions from one file as commands in the other.

Support for AUTOCAD Dynamic Geometry:

Create and modify 2D and 3D geometry quickly and easily with easily create a number of new features such as angles, planes, surfaces, and solids, and modify geometry that is created in other CAD tools.

Vector features are used to specify points, curves, arcs, and rectangles. (vector feature list)

Bezier curves and splines are used to specify 2D and 3D paths. (vector feature list)

Bezier surfaces and splines are used to specify 3D surfaces. (vector feature list)

Mesh tools are used to automatically generate a surface mesh for a 3D solid. (vector feature list)

Primitives are used to create and modify 2D and 3D solids. (vector feature list)

Mesh tools and Primitives tools are used to manually modify the mesh for a 3D solid.

You can also use the Mesh workspace to modify a mesh.

Create and modify 2D and 3D geometry quickly and easily with easily create a number of new features

The World Coordinate System (WCS) is used to specify a 2D or 3D coordinate system in AutoCAD. This is useful for setting up a coordinate system that is the same in all drawings and for transferring data to other CAD tools. (WC coordinate system)


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit) Processor: Intel i5, i7, Ryzen CPU and AMD Threadripper or greater
Intel i5, i7, Ryzen CPU and AMD Threadripper or greater Memory: 6 GB RAM
6 GB RAM Storage: 500 MB free hard-disk space
500 MB free hard-disk space Video Card: Radeon™ RX 570 or greater
Radeon™ RX 570 or greater Hard-Disk Space: Recommended: 1 GB
Recommended: 1

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