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AutoCAD Crack Mac is widely used for technical drawings and engineering designs in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, manufacturing and construction industries. AutoCAD Crack Mac has a large number of features including functions for 3D modeling, 2D drafting, design of mechanical parts, documentation, documentation, and collaboration. It also offers the ability to convert text files to other formats (e.g. Word, PDF, HTML, etc.). AutoCAD is also popular with students who are learning 3D design and modelling techniques.

AutoCAD is part of the Autodesk Design Suite, which also includes AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Inventor, and Civil 3D.

AutoCAD has been updated many times since its inception. The latest version, AutoCAD 2020, was released in May 2020.


AutoCAD was developed by Autodesk. Initially the first release was AutoCAD/Map, which was released in December 1982 for the Apple II, Commodore PET, and TRS-80.

AutoCAD was originally developed to offer a desktop replacement for CAD users who were using the then-new microcomputers with a separate graphics terminal, and to do design work of a much higher quality than what the user could achieve on his computer. This was due to the early graphics capabilities of microcomputers being somewhat limited (e.g. the ability to do shading and lighting, only a limited set of line types), and having a flat design, not being able to bend into complex shapes, and being slow and having low resolution. AutoCAD did these things differently and used what was then referred to as «vector graphics». The name «AutoCAD» was created by Autodesk’s marketing staff in response to a request by its customers.

AutoCAD was also a part of the Autodesk Design Suite, which included a version of AutoCAD for the Apple Macintosh, developed by Acorn Computers Ltd. The first release of AutoCAD for Mac was called AutoCAD/Lite and was released in 1985.

The second release of AutoCAD was AutoCAD/Map in 1986. AutoCAD/Map was an update to AutoCAD/Map and added some new features and a new shell interface. The shell interface was created in order to allow the development of a command line version of AutoCAD for MS-DOS. This was done by generating the file

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Embeddable and extensible
The extensible nature of AutoCAD allows developers to integrate their applications within the drawing system. Most of the features and tools are provided through COM objects, which can be called from any programming language that supports COM. The following are a list of the interfaces and objects supported by AutoCAD, and the general framework of how they work.

The drawing system of AutoCAD is designed with the following architecture:
Drafting application
Drawing Application
Document Control System

The first two are actually the AutoCAD application, and the third is the Document Control System (DCS).

The Drafting Application can be further divided into the following parts:
Drawing (DPATH)
Layouts (LAYOUT)
Dynamic tools (DYNAMIC)
Math (MATH)

The Drawing Application comprises the following parts:
Draw panel
Edit panel
View panel
Properties dialog
Status bar

The Document Control System is designed with the following parts:
DDL (Direct Data Loading)
DDT (Direct Data Transfer)
DDE (Direct Data Exchange)
Documents (DOCUMENT)
DWG (Drawing file)
DBF (DataBase file)
XPS (XML Paper Specification)

The Presentation part consists of:
User interface (UI)
Autodesk Exchange (EXT)

AutoCAD does not support the full spectrum of features offered by its competitors such as:
STEP (Structured Text Application Program Interface)
PDF (Portable Document Format)

It also does not support the full range of features that Autodesk Exchange does not support:
FLEX (Flexible File Exchange)

It is a latecomer to the CAD market, and lacks support for popular third party CAD software such as:
MicroStation Implicit
MicroStation Navigator

It has few language bindings and is not open source, and requires a fully licensed version of AutoCAD to be installed on a system to use its tools.


1950s to mid-1980s
The first version of AutoCAD, released in 1980, combined features of the first and second versions of AutoCAD Architectural. The second version of AutoCAD Architectural was introduced in 1983

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UITableView with pre-selected rows, but not selected in interface builder

I have a UITableView in a UIScrollView subclass. I am pre-selecting 4 rows by calling setEditing:animated: inside viewDidLoad. The problem is that the first 4 rows aren’t selected in the interface builder. Why are they not selected? Here’s a screenshot:


You might have the UITableView hidden. It has the setEditing:animated: method inside the -setEditing:animated:animated: method which will only be called if the table view is hidden.
Check that:

the UITableView is not hidden (e.g. the UIScrollView is outside of the bounds of the UIWindow)
the table view is still inside of the UIScrollView


How can i upload a file to server in iphone sdk?

I have a project in iphone. In this project i want to upload a file to server. I have used NSURLConnection to send a request to server but i am not able to figure it out that how can i post a file. Here is the code.
NSURLRequest *request = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@»»]] cachePolicy:NSURLRequestReloadIgnoringLocalCacheData timeoutInterval:15];

NSMutableURLRequest *request2 = [request mutableCopy];
[request2 setHTTPMethod:@»POST»];

NSData *pdfData = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:pdfPath];

[request2 setHTTPBody:[pdfData base64EncodedStringWithOptions:0]];

NSURLConnection *conn = [[NSURLConnection alloc] initWithRequest:request2 delegate:self];


Make sure that you have added the php extension to your php.ini file.
Make sure that you have the extension loaded

What’s New in the?

Duplicate a drawing and migrate comments, links, and annotations to a new drawing. Automatically keep the best of the old drawing in the new. (video: 1:25 min.)

Markup Assist’s new streamlined user interface with controls in the ribbon to quickly and easily accomplish the most common tasks.

Bundling Windows-friendly ease of use with increased reliability, reliability, and performance. In collaboration with Windows engineering, we have reduced the stress on the operating system by bringing in key Windows-specific capabilities.

Automatic key commands for control of the drawing environment and the model window.

Completely new, enhanced options for CAD collaboration. Easily collaborate with others in all stages of the design process, whether it’s designing on paper, using a mobile device, or communicating with others via email or the web.

AutoCAD Cloud:

Easily access AutoCAD and related services through the Internet or through a browser-based user interface that utilizes all the speed of cloud computing.

Tighter integration with mobile devices and other application environments. Easily and reliably access AutoCAD functionality even when outside of the office.

Improved methods for offloading data and rendering on remote computers. All of the AutoCAD services that support external rendering and offloading are now available over the cloud.

Remote data sharing. Share data securely and at scale with less setup and less use of storage space.

Continuous AutoCAD improvements. We’ve taken your suggestions, done more testing, and improved performance. We have also developed new enhancements and fixes based on your experiences with AutoCAD.

New system requirements for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

Compatibility with Windows 8/8.1 operating systems.

Compatibility with Windows 10 operating systems.

Compatibility with Windows Server 2016 operating systems.

Compatibility with Windows Server 2012 operating systems.

The new platform must be based on the latest version of the.NET framework and may include some or all of the following:

Autodesk.NET Framework 4.5.2

Autodesk.NET Data Access Runtime (ADN.dll) 2.1.0

Autodesk.DesignScript.NET Framework 2.1

Autodesk.DesignScript.NET Data Access Runtime (ASDF.dll) 2.0

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel Core i3 1.4GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 720K
4GB of RAM
8GB of free HDD space
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
2-3GB of free video memory
Internet connection
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
250MB free RAM
Full Screen mode (FPM) or Multimedia Class (MMC) or Shader Model 2.

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