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AutoCAD is a highly sophisticated and richly featured computer program designed for creating detailed, three-dimensional (3D) drawings of architectural and engineering structures. Its primary use is for design of new buildings and civil structures, although it can also be used for industrial design and analysis, remodeling, detailing and styling.

AutoCAD is used by the vast majority of engineers, architects, and building designers, both professional and novice, across the world. AutoCAD is also used for desktop publishing, plotting graphs, printing and publishing publications, and various other tasks.

AutoCAD has improved from year to year and over the years has become more and more useful to every engineer or architect who has an interest in creating, editing, and updating three-dimensional (3D) data. Many current users of AutoCAD have been with the software for several years or more and use it daily for the creation of drawings and architectural designs for their businesses, for their own homes, or for the design of vehicles or other projects, including robots.

The elements of AutoCAD include features such as drafters (AutoCAD users who create drawings), applications (AutoCAD programs that run on the screen to create, edit, and view 3D objects), and commands (keystrokes, shortcuts, and tools), with the other elements functioning as ancillary tools to accomplish the tasks outlined for these three categories. Drafters create drawings using the software application, applications are the programs that run on the screen, and commands are the shortcuts, tools, and commands that drafters use to create drawings and edit or view other types of data.

AutoCAD is the third most popular 3D CAD program, after CATIA and SolidWorks.

AutoCAD 2017 enables you to efficiently create three-dimensional (3D) drawings and solid models with precise, intricate precision and accuracy.

AutoCAD is easy to learn and use. All of the features that are required for successful drafting and other design work are included.

AutoCAD contains a broad range of drafter-specific functions.

Sketch With Tools

With AutoCAD, you can create a document from scratch or with other drawings that you have created or imported.

Autodesk Design Reviewer is a Windows app that allows you to view and annotate 2D or 3D drawing files for the purpose of reviewing drawings.

AutoCAD commands

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The DXF specification is based on a direct derivative of the PostScript Language Reference Manual written by Adrian N. Schiwon and published by Adobe in the 1990s. The specification specifies certain drawing commands which are present within DXF, but there are many other drawing commands that are not present within DXF.

The DXF specification is divided into 8 main parts, each of which describes a specific aspect of the drawing. Each part has a subpart which describes specific issues. The DXF specification is a restricted subset of the PostScript language, but includes all of the general features of PostScript. The DXF specification allows the use of all of the PostScript 2 and 3 language features, but some of the finer details (such as a requirement to use lowercase for all names, or that comments must be enclosed in double-quotes) are changed from PostScript to improve their compatibility with AutoCAD Full Crack.

For example, the DXF specification includes:
Programming language which allows the designer to write code to perform a specific function in the drawing (there are a number of these, including a coding language for 2D-encoding, 3D-encoding, auto-floating, named objects, parts, workflows, image scaling, building 3D-objects, mathematics and much more). Although not part of the DXF specification, as such programs may be written in many different programming languages (including BASIC, C/C++, HTML, Java, Perl, Pascal, PL/I, RPG, Ruby, SICP, Visual Basic, Visual C#, X11, or any other programming language) the drawing software will perform the same function. The use of certain syntax is required to make the program code portable from one program to another.
Creation of PostScript files:
Creation of the PostScript file which is the backbone of the drawing file, containing many different commands and providing an overall description of how the drawing file is to be interpreted. The PostScript file typically contains a number of pages, which can be accessed by the application, with a number of drawings on each page.
Drawing data:
The different objects, parts, and images stored within the drawing file, which are used to assemble the final drawing output.
Information Exchange:
DXF format is a data exchange format. Typically there will be a DXF-encoded drawing file in some other format (such as a bitmap or a vector format), so the DXF-encoded

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It may have to be rebooted.

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What’s New In?

Share your feedback in Markup Assist mode, which turns your designs into shared workflows that can be directly reviewed on screens or printed paper for review and review. (video: 3:00 min.)

Save your text with Dynamic Label Object in AutoCAD. You can easily place label text on a map or other image. Then, when the image is used as a background in your drawing, you can automatically replace the dynamic text with the label text. (video: 1:38 min.)

Use 3D real-time rendering with custom textures on 3D surfaces.

Updated Look and New Features:

Use the updated dual-purpose layout view. Optimize your design with dual-purpose views of layers and tabs that control visibility of layers.

Reorder objects in the Properties palette by dragging.

Reduce the number of objects in the My Drawing List window by removing files that are no longer needed.

Store favorites by storing a drawing’s shortcut menu on your desktop.

Save color palettes for faster color selection and drawing.

Quickly organize and recall layouts using the Recent Layouts palette.

Create custom layouts that include layers from all open drawings by importing those layouts into the layered system.

Draw text with extended characters, such as Arabic.

Dynamically change the default grid spacing by storing the layout preferences.

Enhancements to DraftSight for viewing and editing surface models.

New Coordinate System (NCS) and Graphics Options dialogs:

Share shape characteristics across multiple drawings to help you work more efficiently with master and detail drawings.

Use a single Coordinate System (CS) for all your drawings.

Select a set of AutoCAD CS presets from the new Graphics Options dialog.

More convenient text editing with Trackball Editing.

The Coordinate-System and Graphics Options dialogs have also been redesigned. (video: 1:07 min.)

Support for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat files.


AutoCAD supports new features in PDF for a more robust and feature-rich user experience. We’ve extended the support for 3D in PDF to support surfaces with 3D color, textures, annotations, and layers.

The LayOut file format has been enhanced with additional support for AutoCAD objects, such as dynamic lines, shapes, text, and annotations.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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