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AutoCAD requires an Intel-compatible 32-bit or 64-bit personal computer (PC) running Microsoft Windows and Linux, macOS, or OS X, or an x86-based digital home appliance. An x86-based digital home appliance is a computing appliance powered by Intel x86 architecture. AutoCAD is not supported on ARM architecture-based machines such as Android and iOS. AutoCAD is not supported on other operating systems including OS/2 Warp, FreeBSD, NetBSD, *BSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Haiku, and AmigaOS.

AutoCAD is not supported on the Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone.

AutoCAD can be used free for academic or personal use or for a fee for commercial use.

AutoCAD is continually updated and a cumulative update may be found here: [1]. A license is required to download the update. An updated AutoCAD license can be found here: [2]. The updated license includes 4.8.4 and a concurrent license is required for the update.

AutoCAD LT (formerly AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD for Small Business), is a more simplified version of AutoCAD. It is available for free.

See also: [3]


The following features are enabled by default in AutoCAD 2020, using the Advanced, Basic, and More Options > Settings > Graphics tab:

Basic Graphics Tab

Basic Type

Block, Line, Marker, and Polyline

Include floating objects

Show lines with zero width (thereby removing the dashed lines)

Rendering Style Options

Align on a grid


Smooth curves and surfaces

You can edit these properties in the Options dialog (Tools > Options) or by selecting Drawing > Options > Graphics.

AutoCAD LTS (formerly AutoCAD for Small Business) is a simplified version of AutoCAD that does not contain the full range of tools and features. It is available for free.

Autocad 2020 has three viewports: Drafting View, Edit View, and Perspective View. The Drafting View has tools for creating and modifying a drawing and the Edit View has tools for manipulating the drawing or drafting session. In the Perspective View, you can see the two-dimensional (2D) drawing area

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A C++ API was added to extend the features of AutoCAD to create third-party extensions. The ObjectARX Library is now the default Class Library that C++ applications use when creating extensions. The built-in applications and add-on applications extend the capabilities of AutoCAD, and a feature of any of these applications can be extended by using the C++ API, including the standard C++ APIs for interaction with AutoCAD.

See also
Application programming interface
Data link layer
Interop Services
List of application programming interfaces
Semantic XML


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I want to reset the gridview to view first record everytime it loads

Hi i have a gridview of employees with the column Employee name, Dept, Shift etc.. the data is fetched from the table employees and i want to reset the gridview to see the first record everytime it loads.. for ex:
employees[index].department = reader[«department»];
employees[index].shift = reader[«shift»];
grdView.DataSource = employees;


Try this :
employees[index].department = reader[«department»];
employees[index].shift = reader[«shift»];

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Open Autocad with the keygen and follow the prompts.

Open Autodesk Autocad:
— Select Project from File — OK
— Select drawing from File — OK
— Change the coordinates and resolution — OK
— Open a document — OK
— Open an existing model — OK

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

You can now add and change text- and graphics-based annotations directly in your drawing. Annotations appear in the annotation palette and can be either placed on existing objects or drawn directly on them.

You can now use the screen-capture tool to record your screen and easily send it to the Autodesk Cloud for review. Uploaded screen shots remain public and can be shared with anyone and annotated directly in the screen-capture.

Markup Assist allows you to easily draw and modify any object on the selected element of a drawing. Use it to edit a nested element or to modify a feature that lies below the visible area. You can also easily add annotation labels or change existing text. (video: 1:35 min.)

You can now place and annotate 3D models directly on top of your drawing. You can also rotate, move, or scale the 3D model and the changes are automatically reflected in your drawing.

You can now place and annotate 2D drawings directly on top of your drawings. Use drawing annotations for interaction, pointing out important details in drawings or notes, or for placing and annotating documents or files. (video: 1:35 min.)

Timeline View:

See the results of your design or workflows in seconds. You can connect, annotate, or launch a drawing, without ever leaving the drawing.

The new Timeline View shows how objects are created, using a combination of different layers, views, and tools. You can use your own custom layouts and save them for future use.

You can now use the Timeline View as an alternative to the Keyframe Window for creating and editing a drawing’s workflow.

Customizable toolbars:

You can now customize the navigation toolbar to your own preference. You can also change the order and add additional tools to your toolbar.

To use advanced editing tools, you can now add all the tools you need to your drawing toolbars, instead of having to open each tool individually.

When you open a drawing, you can now use an exclusive drawing command that replaces the old design command. This command is designed for users who only want to perform a single drawing operation and don’t want to see any of the context.

You can now edit an entire object at once when you use the following advanced drawing tools: Selection, Move, Zoom, Orbit, Pan, Scale,

System Requirements:

DVD-ROM Drive: DVD-ROM drive for installation, not included. The drive needs to be a DVD-ROM drive (not CD-ROM, CD-RW, or CD-R/RW). (required)
Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium II 400 MHz or above (required)
Memory: 128 MB (required)
Graphics: Video card with VGA (required)
Hard Drive: 12 GB (required)
Internet: To connect to the Internet, you need an internet connection with a speed of

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