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During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Autodesk also developed a set of “clients,” which could connect to its servers and request updates for their drawings. This was a massive undertaking as a GIS database was required, and most of the GIS components were written from scratch. A GIS client was to be an extension of the map or sketch layer, and allow drawing-related functions like “Intersect” or “Exterior Design” for an exterior. When a GIS client allowed users to edit a layer’s attributes, it was called a GeoClipper.

Another innovation introduced with the “release” version of AutoCAD in 1992 was called AutoCADRITE, which allowed users to draw plans on any surface, with AutoCADRITE then being the name of a Revit-like product built from scratch. In 1994, the VectorWorks Architect CAD package was released, based on AutoCADRITE, and this was the first of the “X Series” CAD packages.

By the late 1990s, AutoCAD had become the de facto standard for CAD packages. The X Series and earlier products were being phased out and in 2006, Autodesk announced that the X Series would no longer be developed, and that “Acad” (the X series’s successor) would also not be developed after 2012.

A GIS-focused extension of AutoCAD was called AutoCAD Map 3D in 1993. It allowed the user to edit and paint layers in a GIS context. This was the start of the online AutoCAD Map 3D application, and after a few years, this was turned into AutoCAD.AutoCAD Map 3D.

Autodesk Revit

Revit was introduced in 2001 with the release of Revit 1.0. Autodesk initially marketed it as a “rapid design tool,” and it was marketed in that way for a while. Autodesk began bundling Revit with AutoCAD in 2004, and released several updates for both products in tandem.

Another product that Autodesk introduced in the early 2000s was called SpaceCenter, which was an application that allowed users to edit various features in Autodesk’s landmark SpaceCenter database. The landmark SpaceCenter database was an accurate, comprehensive map of the United States of America.

In 2012, Autodesk acquired


2D CAD: AutoCAD is able to work with several 2D CAD formats such as those used for AutoCAD itself: DXF, DWG, DWF, DWG, HDF, HMP and STL.
3D CAD: While AutoCAD itself only supports the 3D DWG format, it can import most other popular file formats, including:
.3DS – import and export of standard format
.blend – import and export of Blender exporter, file format.
.obj – import and export of 3DS Max files
.stl – import and export of stl format
.plm – import and export of Rhinoceros.plm exporter, file format
.stp – import and export of stp format
2D BIM: While AutoCAD itself supports only the 2D DWG format, it can import and export several formats used for 2D BIM:
.dxf – import and export of dxftype files
.dwg – import and export of standard format (DXF is a derivative)
.gcode – import and export of gcode file format
.stl – import and export of stl format
.vcx – import and export of vcx files
.wpr – import and export of cms file format
Modeling: AutoCAD is able to read and edit a large number of CAD file formats used by modelers:
.nif – import and export of nif files
.skp – import and export of skp files
.step – import and export of dxfstep (not used anymore)
.stp – import and export of stp format
.stl – import and export of stl format
.obj – import and export of.stl format
.fbx – import and export of fbx format
.dxf – import and export of dxf format
.venta – import and export of venta files
.invent – import and export of invent files
.gmf – import and export of.gmf format
.plm – import and export of.plm format
2D Interactive: Though AutoCAD itself only supports DXF format, it can read and edit several other formats used for 2D interactive:
.cml – import and export


Before you install Autocad, remove the existing Autocad application in your computer

To activate Autocad keygen on the trial version, you need to open the Autodesk software using the menu path: «Activate Autocad…» (You can do this from the start menu at the bottom left corner of the computer screen)

Autocad keygen will start to activate. You can check the «Activate Autocad Software» menu for complete process.


Python: Why does «print statement» function differently in a module?

I am practicing some python and I have read that a print statement will show up on the screen.
However, it seems I can’t even use print statements in the same module.

>>> def add_to_list():
… print ‘This is a print statement’

>>> add_to_list()
Traceback (most recent call last):
File «», line 1, in
NameError: name ‘add_to_list’ is not defined

2. python:
# add_to_list
def add_to_list():
print ‘This is a print statement’


3. python:
# add_to_list
def add_to_list():
print ‘This is a print statement’


Why do these two behave differently? Is there any scenario where I can use print statement?


In 3, you are not calling your function, you are simply calling the function add_to_list() without an argument.

«There were times that I would listen to a track and think, I don’t know what this is,» she recalls, reflecting on how she and her husband built their label out of first impressions, an idea with which rapper and friend Fetty Wap initially agreed. “I’m not that great a producer,» he told The FADER earlier this year, his melodic flow and searing deliveries bridging the gap between a neighborhood DJ and an icon. «I’m a listener, and I try to tell a story that gets people to hear it.”

The pair’s “Nobody Kn

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Autodesk Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen guides you through a different AutoCAD feature in every edition of her popular «Circles and Lines» tutorial series. For even more AutoCAD how-to, check out Lynn’s quick tips in the Cadalyst Video Gallery. Subscribe to Cadalyst’s free Tips & Tools Weekly e-newsletter and we’ll notify you every time a new video tip is published. All exclusively from Cadalyst! Subscribe today!


Why Did Autodesk Sell AutoCAD and What’s Happening With AutoCAD Cloud? Autodesk’s dramatic reorganization of the software business is finally coming to an end. The company just announced the ending of the AutoCAD license and cloud subscription contract with September 30, 2019. This is part of a major transition that will see Autodesk divest all but two of its smaller engineering businesses in the coming months and the majority of the company’s headquarters staff. Autodesk made headlines last summer when it announced that it would merge and spin off the remaining engineering business as a separate company, as well as the spin-off of the Autodesk Design organization from Autodesk Technology and is now publicly trading on the New York Stock Exchange (ADSK). Autodesk’s design software AutoCAD will soon be available in a cloud-based subscription model. Autodesk will continue to offer both versions of AutoCAD, on-premise, for a perpetual license. On-premise AutoCAD allows users to build, maintain, and update AutoCAD drawings, creating, editing, and viewing them on their desktop. The cloud version allows for greater flexibility.


Autodesk Reinvented Model-Based Design for Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit is a parametric design tool that allows users to build 3D models and develop building information models (BIM) using parametric design and construction practices. This framework was first introduced in Autodesk Revit Architecture in the form of the FaceFlow and Brighter Flow tool set. Revit is also the foundation for Autodesk® BIM 360 cloud services. Since the introduction of Autodesk Revit in 2012, Autodesk has been delivering new products and services to expand how people work on building projects. When we launched Autodesk Revit we were the first company to offer an open-source parametric design tool on the cloud. Today

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or later (32 bit and 64 bit)
Memory: 2GB RAM
Processor: 1.5 GHz dual core processor or faster
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB available hard disk space
Graphics: Windows DirectX 9.0 or later
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with output capabilities
Additional Notes: The product key must be installed on a valid Windows XP or later based operating system.
Accounting Policies:
You may only use the software

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