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AutoCAD is the number one CAD software choice for civil engineers, architects, planners, surveyors, mechanical engineers, and structural engineers. This also includes mechanical design engineers, automotive engineers, aircraft engineers, aerospace engineers, marine engineers, environmental scientists, product designers, landscape architects, building designers, building managers, and interior designers. The number of AutoCAD users is about 100 million around the world.

AutoCAD does various things for you like:

draws and projects drawings;

creates and edits block and line drawings;

designs and builds multi-component, multi-story, and structural models;

converts 2D plans, sections, and profiles to 3D drawings.

When a drawing is created in AutoCAD, you can add text, dimensions, gridlines, labels, notes, layers, filters, and layers to the drawing. You can also add multiple blocks. Each block is like a node in a graph. The drawing has a parent node, and children nodes. The parent node is the node that has a line connecting to it, while the child nodes have no lines connecting to them.

A parent node also has a unique name and has a unique number assigned to it, while the child nodes also have their own unique names and numbers, which are used to create a unique block within the drawing.

A diagram of a drawing created in AutoCAD:

As shown above, there are layers to a drawing. You can add filters to blocks and add labels, notes, and dimensions to a drawing.

Filters in AutoCAD

You can add filters to a drawing, and create your own. Filters are used to “turn on” or “turn off” certain objects within a drawing. Filters are used to control how different layers of objects are displayed.

Let’s say that you have a drawing of two walls. You want to be able to have only one wall show in the drawing, while the other wall will not show. You can add a filter to the wall that does not show.

The “Hide” filter in AutoCAD:

Using the Hide filter, you can turn off objects within a drawing.

The “No Hidden” filter in AutoCAD:

Using the No Hidden filter, you can turn off hidden objects within a drawing.

There are four types


Model Repository A repository where models can be kept in an online database. An external tool to create models from an external data source such as: a raster image, an image file, a drawing, or an Excel spreadsheet. The repository may be used to catalogs of model drawings such as: engineering projects and blueprints, technical drawings and diagrams, blueprints of airplanes, ships, rocket ships, etc. A software library to perform FEM analysis of structures and components.

Release history


Source code for earlier releases is available on an Oracle machine on the Autodesk server. A copy of all source code available on the Autodesk website is available for free to registered users of AutoCAD 2010. Source code for the 2016 releases is no longer available for free.

In August 2014, AutoCAD 2013 and 2014 source code was released to the public, along with AutoCAD LT.

Starting on August 20, 2014, Autodesk released source code for AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 and AutoCAD LT. The release does not include the electronic viewing system for AutoCAD 2010 and 2011.

AutoCAD, available for free for certain users, can be purchased as a licensed product. This license is also known as a perpetual license, as it is granted for unlimited and uninterrupted use. AutoCAD is available in the following editions:
AutoCAD LT (non-customizable)
AutoCAD LT (customizable)
AutoCAD LT (electronic viewing only)
AutoCAD Architect (non-customizable)
AutoCAD Architect (customizable)
AutoCAD Architect (electronic viewing only)
AutoCAD Design Review
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Electrical (electronic viewing only)
AutoCAD Structural
AutoCAD Structural (electronic viewing only)
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Civil 3D (electronic viewing only)


AutoCAD 2010–2014

Developer editions of AutoCAD are available, such as:
AutoCAD 2010 ESE, an electronic viewing system, which allows for viewing of drawings, and viewing of the drawing file and command history. ESE is included in the AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 editions.
AutoCAD LT 2010 ESE, an electronic viewing system, which allows for viewing of drawings, and viewing of the drawing file and


The application will ask you to load the file. Click «Yes»

Then you will see the menu of the available tools on the right. Click «View Project files»

If there is no project file, then the program will ask you to open a project file. Select the folder where you saved the file.

You can save a project file in a folder other than your «Downloads» folder.
In order to open the saved project, enter «Autocad.xml» in the search. If the file exists, then just open it.

The «Project.avi» file is only used to open a project file in an external tool like Movie Maker. You do not need to save it.

You can also load a project file from a saved file or archive. In the search, you will see there are various files for this.

However, you cannot load multiple files from an archive.

You can view the project file and check how to use the file.

Go to File-> New -> Project -> New XREF Project

Set the file type and its name.

Click on the «Add» button.

A dialogue box will appear as shown below.

Click «OK» to save.

If you have not set a file type and a project file name, it will be defaulted as «autocad.xml» and «Autocad.avi».

Click the icon as shown below to open the project.

How to use the Autocad viewer


The «Autocad.avi» file can be loaded directly into the viewer.

You can open the.avi file, view it, save it, modify it, and save it again as a new.avi file.

You can also open the.xml file to view it.

You can also use the xref viewer to open a project.

Open the project.

Click the icon shown below.

A new tab will be opened as shown below.

You can view the drawing content and check its content.

You can also download and save the project.

You can also open a project in the viewer.

In order to save a project, select it.

Then, save it.

When you have finished saving, the viewer will show you the name of the newly created project file.

When you are finished with the editing, click on «Exit» icon.

The viewer will stop viewing and save the file.

Click on

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Draft and 3D drawing support in AutoCAD for DraftSight 2020 is also available for AutoCAD 2023. You can easily use imported Drawings from DraftSight to quickly switch to DraftSight-ready drawing content.

Code snippets: Code snippets in AutoCAD offer a structured way to execute custom commands, macros, or a selection of the object or selection types. You can also access and use them in other programs and platforms (Bamboo, QS5, QS6).

Query Points (Circles and Polygons): The tool is used to work on topological properties of objects in drawing (Query Points, Query Circle, Query Polygon).

NetWars: Network visualization technology (formerly Internet Visualizer) for the desktop and Web.

Features for the professional user:

Scalable system architecture: You can select the amount of RAM your system requires to have the best performance and behavior.

AutoCache Manager: Store drawings that have been accessed recently, allowing you to gain performance from the “first-in, first-out” file caching system.

Bookmarks: View the detailed information for one or multiple drawing objects with a click of the mouse.

Inline Annotations: Add text, image, or parameter tags to a selected object.

Configurable shortcut keys: You can customize the behavior of all of the standard shortcut keys.

Collaborate: Share your drawing with others using AutoCAD’s integrated collaborative tools.

Cost Estimating: Select the objects or features of an open drawing that you want to model for estimating a new project.

Drafting and design capabilities:

More accurate dynamic constraints: In AutoCAD 2023, you can select, edit, and move topological constraints without affecting your geometry and dimension.

More dynamic constraints: Manage your flow and symbolic constraints across multiple layers (only with Sketchup).

More precise editing: You can edit the properties of your dimensions using the new feature “Edit Dimension Properties From The Selection”.

Local libraries: Share custom libraries from your system to other computers.

Support for AutoCAD Language for Rhino: This feature allows you to generate custom components for the Rhino language, similar to the examples provided in your AutoCAD software.

Features for the technical user:

Ability to open/save files on multiple devices.

Smart Scan: Work in

System Requirements:

Tablet / Smartphone:* The game will be playable on tablets with large, high-resolution screens as well as smartphone screens with a large resolution.
(For example, at 16:9, a 1280×720 pixel screen is large enough.)
* The game will be playable on tablets with large, high-resolution screens as well as smartphone screens with a large resolution. (For example, at 16:9, a 1280×720 pixel screen is large enough.) Console: The game will be playable on the Nintendo Switch

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